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Our Gillihan Clan

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Family Burials

Christina Unknown Van Bibber   b: 1641 in Duchy of Cleves, Netherlands
Married: Jacob Isaacs Van Bibber. 1660
Died: 4 Sept. 1711 - Register of North Sassafras, St. Stephen's Church.

Jacob Isaacs Van Bibber, Son of Isaac Jacobs Van Bibber
b. ca. 1630-1640,
d. Sept. 1705, Cecil Co., MD
Buried Sept. 1705 -Source; Register of North Sassafras, St. Stephen's Church.
Married; Christina Unknown,
The Van Bibber family that was the first to settle in the New World was the family of Isaacs Jacob Van Bibber who came to Philadelphia in 1687. He came to America to prepare the way for his parents and the rest of the family that would soon follow. The Van Bibbers were residents of Krefeld (now Germany) and had been persecuted in Europe because they were followers of Menno Simons. Other Mennonites from Krefeld had come to Philadelphia in 1684 at the invitation of William Penn including Herman op den Graff, who was the husband of two of the sisters of Isaacs Jacob. Isaacs Jacob Van Bibber moved to Germantown (now a suburb of Philadelphia) and was engaged in commerce.
It was not long before the rest of the family immigrated to Germantown and resided there and in Philadelphia until moving to Cecil County Maryland. While in Germantown the family got involved in a religious dispute and perhaps that is what caused the migration to Maryland.
Isaacs Jacob VAN BIBBER b: ABT 1661 in Krefeld, Holland(Germany)
Matthias Jacobs VAN BIBBER b: ABT 1663
Henry VAN BIBBER b: ABT 1665 in Utrecht, Holland
Deborah VAN BIBBER b: ABT 1669
Margaryte VAN BIBBER b: ABT 1671

Van Bibber Jacob
1616 E. Virgiia Street, d. 11/29/1899
Buried; 12/01/1899  Oak Hill Cemetery, Evansville, IN. 
Cause of Death; Old Age , Widower

Michael J. Sutton
Husband of (1) Martha J.O. Vanbibber Sutton
Married:  3 January 1861 Warrick Co., IN
Husband of (2) Lucinda Elizabeth Fuquay
Married:  30 April 1888 Warrick Co., IN
son of Ebenezer Sutton and Mary Myers
Military Service; 13 IN Inf., Co. H, Pvt.,

Martha J. O. Van Bibber Sutton, Wife of Michael J. Sutton
Married: 3 January 1861 Warrick Co., IN
daughter of Jacob Van Bibber and unknown
Died March 23 1886 Aged 52 Yrs
Buried: Epworth Cemetery

Albert Tafel, Born; May 12, 1832, New Yor, Ohio or Germany
Died; July 15, 1895, Evansville, Indiana
Buried; Soldiers Section, Locus Hill Cemetery
Military Service; Civil War,
1st Infantry Division,Bugler. Co. A.
Soldier's Rank_In Bugler , Soldier's Rank_Out Bugler
Alternate Name Albert/Taffle
Discharged; On disability, March 16, 1864.
Husband of, Mary Elizabeth Wolfe Tafel,
Married, October 30, 1856, Evansville, Indiana

George Tafel, b. Jan. 15, 1860, Evansville, Indiana
Died; Oct. 28, 1941, Evansville, Indiana
Son of Albert & Mary Elizabeth Wolf
Married; #1. Amelia Frieda Kirves, 1879
Married; #2. Amelia Frieda Kirves, 
Buried: Alexander Memorial Park

Amelia Frieda Kirves Tafel; b. Sept. 13, 1860 d. March 22, 1931 age; 70, Wife of George Tafel, Buried: Alexander memorial Park

Mary Elizabeth Wolfe Tafelb. Dec 14, 1837, Germany, d. Dec. 15, 1916, Wife of Albert Tafel. Buried: St. Joseph's Cemetery

Henry George Tafel, b. Sep. 16, 1881, d. Feb. 13, 1963, Husband of Olive Van Bibber, Buried: Acacia Memorial Park, Seattle, Wa.

Olive Van Bibber Tafel,  b. Jan 22, 1884, d. Oct. 20, 1961, Wife of Henry, Buried: Acacia Memorial Park, Seattle, Wa.

Nancy Downs Jones Gillihan, b. April 7, 1841, d. March 20, 1918, Carmi, White Co. Illinois, Buried: Centerville Cemetery, Centerville, White Co. Illinois

John Harvey Gillihan, b. November 20, 1834,  Tennessee. d. July 13, 1911, Carmi, White Co. Illinois, Buried: Centerville Cemetery, White Co. Illinois

James Rufus Gillihan, b. Sept. 20, 1869, d. July 13, 1949. Married 1. Mary Ann Hicks, Married 2, Caroline Bailey Staley. Buried: Centerville Cemetery, White Co. Illinois

Elmer Austin Gillihan, B. Nov. 4, 1915  d. Apr. 13, 1951, Buried ; Oak Hill Cemetery, Evansville, Indiana, Married (1) Dorothy Alene Tafel, Married (2) Maybelle Durham

Carl Henry Tafel
Birth: Oct. 4, 1906, Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana, USA
Death: Jul. 9, 1967, Evansville, Buried: Locust Hill Cemetery
Vanderburgh County, Indiana, USA
Husband of Lulabell Walden Tafel

Tafel Frank
AGE: 17-9-0
DIED: 12/05/1881
BURIED: 12/05/1881
Accident in Coal Mine

Gilbert G. Tafel
Birth: Jan. 1, 1913, Evansville
Vanderburgh County Indiana, USA
Death: Mar., 1983, Evansville, Buried, Locust Hill Cemetery
Vanderburgh County Indiana, USA
Son of Henry and Olive Vanbibber Tafel

Tafel Oliver William
Ulbright Nursing Home
AGE: 73-0-0
DIED: 01/18/1957
BURIED: 01/21/1957
Cerebral Hemorrhage

Tafel Catherine
201 Harriet Street
AGE: 82-0-0
DIED: 10/10/1952
BURIED: 10/13/1952
Urterco Sclerotic Heart Disease

Tafel Louis
201 Harriett Street
AGE: 73-4-12
DIED: 01/06/1932
BURIED: 01/08/1932

William Andrew Gillihan, b. March 15, 1897 in Probably Missouri, d. March 1, 1981 in Butler County, Missouri, Buried: Shain Memorial Cemetery .

Elmer Columbus Gillihan, b. May 19,1877 in White County, Missouri , d. September 10, 1955 in Butler County, Missouri, Buried: Old Ash Hill Cemetery, (Shain Memorial) Double Stone 

Gennetta Cortson Gillihan,   b. March 20 1886, d. June 20 1963 in Missouri. Buried:  Old Ash Hill Cemetery, (Shain Memorial) Double Stone. Wife of Elmer Columbus Gillihan. Daughter of, Gus Cortson & Barbara Koontz

James Riley Gillihan, GILLIHAN J. R. Plot 034 - 6/20/1837 6/3/1899, Buried: Link Cemetery, Sumner Co. Tenn.

Mary Ann Poole Gillihan, GILLIHAN M. A. Plot 033 - 3/11/1833 8/15/1884, Buried: Link Cemetery, Sumner Co. Tenn. Wife of James Riley

Maybelle D. Durham Gillihan,
Date of Death: Wednesday, December 24 1997
Place of Death: RESIDENCE
Age: 78

Shelly Lee Gillihan, b. July 5, 1963,  Renton, Wa. d. May 21, 2005, Harborview Hospital, Seattle, King Co. Wa.

Gillihan, Ray
Address: Robards, Kentucky
Date of Death: Sunday, July 09, 2000
Cause of Death: cancer
Place of Death: residence
Age: 72
WIFE: Gillihan, Norma Robards, Kentucky married 52 yrs

Dedicated to the Memory of Elmer Austin Gillihan