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Our Gillihan Clan

Census Information

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1880 Federal Census:
John Harvey Gillihan   
1880 White Co. Illinois Census:
Nancy-Wife-M-F-W-39-TN-Keeping house-TN-NC
Martha J.-Dua-S-F-W-21-TN
1910 Federal Census
Elmer Columbus Gillihan
1910- Elmer-Self- Head of Household- 31- Married 14 yrs
Olive -Wife- 29 Married 14 yrs- 6 children living
Willie -Son- 13
Louis- Son -11
Jesse- Son- 06
Opal -Dau-- 02
1920- Gillihan E.C.- 42- b. ILL
Nettie-Wife- 32= b. ILL
Osel- Dau- 12- b. ILL
Mildred -Dau- 06
Dora- Dau -3 1/2 b. MO.
Margie Dau 1 1/4 b. MO.
Williams, Effie -Stepdau -14 b. ILL
1930 Federal Census
William Andrew Gilihan
1930 St. Louis, Missouri Census:
Goodman Clarence -head-24yrs-M-M at 19- IN. IN. IN.-Chauffer/Hauling Truck
Edna A-Wife-23yo-M at 18- MO MO MO
William A-Son-4yo-MO IN MO
Wilma I-Daughter-3-3/12- MO IN MO
Tommy C-Son- 9/12?- MO In MO
Gillihan William A-Lodger-34yo-M at 16- In IL IN-Labor Geberal
Etta R.**-M at 13- IL IN IN
Pauline E-6 yo- MO IN IL


Dedicated to the Memory of Elmer Austin Gillihan