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The Gillihan Crest

Direct Line:
Earliest Ancestor~William Gillihan
Our earliest GILLIHAN ancestor is William GILLIHAN. there is speculation of who William's Father was but no documentation to prove it so we start with William.......William was born between 1744 and 1750 in Delaware or Virginia. - Possibly the son of John Gillihan, b. abt.  1700, d. abt. 1797, Military:  Dunsmore's War Military Service 1774  and Susannah Bracken, b. abt 1708, Married:  Before 1730. Daughter of: William Bracken & Hannah. d. 1749. (Some documentation at bottom of page)
His first wife was Nancy WALKER, daughter of, William WALKER of Virginia. They were married about 1782 in Washington Co. NC. - Second wife was; Frances TADLOCK, b. about 1757, married, June 10, 1787. Frances died, Oct. 17, 1843 in Polk Co. Missouri.
MILITARY SERVICE IN REVOLUTIONARY WAR, #S-38731, National Archives, 3 years service. Enlisted for 1 year in Virginia in the Spring of 1775, served 9 months. Re-enlisted for 3 years in Georgia and served in the state of SC. He was in the Battle of Savannah. He was a Private in a Company commanded by Captain Jarvis in the 5th. Regiment under Colonel Fluger of the SC line. William was discharged between 1 and 2 years at Charleston some months before the end of the War. After the War, William received a bounty land grant of 260 acres in SC, in the county of Greenville, on the banks of the Saulda River in 1790. A military pension of $8.00 per month commenced Sept. 27, 1819. William was one of the early pioneers of Washington Co. NC. which later became a part of Tennessee. These early settlers had no government and no protection from the Indians. They petitioned the State of NC. calling their area the State of Franklin. One of the signers of this petition was WILLIAM GILLIHAN. In the 1790 Census of Greenville, Dist. SC. William had a family of 2 males over 16, 2 males under 16 and 3 females. William was taxed in 1800 in Christian Co. Kentucky. William sold his land about 1800 and went to Tennesse with his Son, Clement. They settled in the Club Springs are of Smith Co. They were living there when William applied for his pension. William is buried in Smith Co. in the Club Springs area. His first Wife, Nancy Walker, Son, Clement and other members of the family are buried there in a family plot. The location has been long lost to present family members.
Note: From Nola Gillihan Webster: Due to the fact that I believe William was married to Frances Tadlock before he moved to Smith Co TN; I doubt that the above information about Nancy Walker's burial is correct. If I was searching for Nancy's grave, I'd search in the NC/SC areas where they lived. I don't think he got a divorce,  therefore she must have died there.
NOTE: The latest DAR magazine (April 1998) published addenda and corrections to their published Patriot Index.  It has this entry:
GILLIHAN, William b. 1750 VA d 10-30-1830 TN m. Nancy Walker 
 Delete wife: Nancy Walker....Correct Name of Wife:  Frances Tadlock

William 2.  Gillihan
b. 1804-1808, Barren Co. Kentucky
d. after October, 1835
Marriage: Arena Bush
John Harvey, b. Nov. 20, 1834, Tennessee, d. July 13, 1911, Married: Nancy Downs Jones
William 3. b. 1835, Smith Co. Tennessee. Married: December 28, 1853 in Smith County, Tennessee, Nancy Frances Smith, b. 1835, Tennessee
Nancy: b. 1833
Mary J. b. 1835, Tennessee,  d. 1901, Married: Milton Roberts, b. 1827, KY. d. Sept 9, 1849, Smith Co. Tennessee
James Riley, b. Nov. 20, 1837, Tennessee,  d. June 3, 1899, Married: December 30, 1865 in Smith County,  Mary Ann Poole, b. March 11, 1833, Tennessee, d. August 15, 1884, TN.
Andrew V. b. 1838, Jackson Co. Tennessee,  d. 1900, Married: Mary F. Brawner
Uriah R. b. 1843, Jackson Co. Tennessee, Died in the Civil War
Greenberry "Green", b. Jan. 6, 1845, Married:  July 11, 1872, Margaret Hutchcraft, b. 1855
Rufus Mitchell, b. July 10, 1850, Smith Co. Tennessee, Married:  May 26, 1867 in Smith County, Tennessee, Mary J. Woods, b. September 8, 1846
William GILLIHAN- Info from 1850 Tn census. He was not listed in the 1880 census. His wife was living with a daughter, Mary J in 1880..Arena- Information on her surname came from JoAnn Bullen, no confirmation has been made, source unknown. JoAnn believes her name to be Arena BUSH. In the 1880 census, both of her  parents were shown to be born in North Carolina. Some documents may refer to her has Irene.
TENNESSEE  1870 Census: Chestnut Mound, Civil Dist 10
Gillahan, Arrena,        50   housekeeper   B. Tenn.
Green B.     22   B. Tenn.
shows William was her husband,  when  ?.

SOURCE NOTES For John Riley Gillihan: Known as Riley, moved to Sumner co from the Smith Co,  Tn area. Family  stories say Riley's first wife bore all of their children. Cemetary records shows  she died in 1884.  Children confirmed from 1880  census records. Also birth state from census records.
NOTES: Greenberry GILLIHAN- Info from census records and first name from Donald Gillihan. Census records Census only show name as Green.

John Harvey Gillihan
b. November 20, 1834, Tennessee
d. July 13, 1911, Carmi, White Co. Illinois,  Buried: Centerville Cemetery, Centerville, White Co. Illinois
Census: 1870 Chestnut Mound, Smith County, Tn.
1880 White Co. Illinois Census,  Burnt Prairie:
Nancy-Wife-M-F-W-39-TN-Keeping house-TN-NC
Martha J.-Dua-S-F-W-21-TN
Airenia-Dau-S-F-W-16-I William-Son-S-M-W-16-IL
Marriage: Nancy Downs Jones, b. April 7, 1841, d. March 20, 1918, Buried: Centerville Cemetery, Centerville, White Co. Illinois
Married:  1856, Illinois
Elmer Columbus, b. May 19, 1877 (See Below)
Mary Magdeline, b. 1857, Married: John Sumpter
Martha Jane, b. June 30, 1859, Married 1: James Mossberger, Married 2: Thomas Barbre
Elender "Link" Parlee, b. July 2, 1861, Married 1: John Wilson, "Chief Red Cloud" Russell. Married 2: William Upton
Arrena, b. Feb. 9, 1864, Married: Martin Plock
William Harvey, b. Feb. 20, 1867, White Co. Illinois, Married: August 4, 1886 in White County, Illinois, Proscilla Ann Russell, b. August 3, 1869 in White Co. Illinois
James Rufus, b. Sept. 20, 1869, White Co. Illinois, Married: May 3, 1891 in White County, Illinois, Mary Ann Hicks, Married 2: January 4, 1897, Caroline "Callie" Bailey, October 8, 1870 in Elk River MN. Married 3: Frankie Taylor, Married 4: Stella Trammell
Andrew Wilburn, b. Feb. 9, 1871, White Co. Illinois, Married:  October 25, 1909, Mary Josie Brittingham, b. March 13, 1892 in Pike County, Indiana
Everett Napoleon, b. May 19, 1878, White Co. Illinois, Married 3: Minnie Perlat, Married 2: Margaret Taylor Randolph
John Riley, b. March 25, 1875, Illinois, Married 1: Emma Buttery, Married 2: Nancy Alice Porter
Elmer Columbus Gillihan
b. May 19, 1877
d. Sept. 10, 1955, Butler Co. Missouri
Burial: Old Ash Hill Cemetery, (Shain Memorial) Double Stone,
GILLIHAN, ELMER C  &   STANTON, OLLIE R (BK C PG 423)   SALINE  03/08/1896 A 1/ 288  
1910 Census -
Elmer-Self- Head of Household- 31- Married 14 yrs
Olive -Wife- 29 Married 14 yrs- 6 children living
Willie -Son- 13
Louis- Son -11
Jesse- Son- 06
Opal -Dau-- 02
1920- Gillihan E.C.- 42- b. ILL
Nettie-Wife- 32= b. ILL
Osel- Dau- 12- b. ILL
Mildred -Dau- 06
Dora- Dau -3 1/2 b. MO.
Margie Dau 1 1/4 b. MO.
Williams, Effie -Stepdau -14 b. ILL
1920 Census-Stoddard County, Missouri

The following information, Source: Mildred Hanners Via E-Mail:
Elmer and Nettie had a small store, it was connected to the house.
Both Elmer and Nettie suffered strokes in the 1950's. Nettie was never able to walk again but Elmer's wasn't quite as severe.
Marriage 1. Olive R. "Ollie"  Stanton, b. 1881, d. before 1910 
Married: March 8, 1896 in McDonough, Saline County, Illinois
William Andrew, March 15, 1897 (See Below)
Gertie, b. 1897, Illinois, d. About 1906 in Illinois
Lewis Edward, b. Nov. 23, 1898, d: Sep 25, 1974 in Poplar Bluff, Butler Co, MO, Married: Violet b: Aug 12, 1900, d: Nov 1974 in Poplar Bluff, Butler Co, MO
 Jess Columbus, b. Oct. 5, 1904, Illinois, d. February 1973 in Mount Carmel, Wabash, Illinois, Married: Rosa Zella Young, b: December 8, 1914
Miami Marie (Twin), b. April 30, 1907, Illinois, Married 1: Garland Sanderson, Married 2: Fred Rickman, married in Butler Co. Missouri
Opal (Twin), b. April 30, 1907, Illinois, d. September 21 1995 in Missouri, Married: Bon Wright,  August 28, 1925 in Fisk, Missouri
Marriage 2: Genetta A. Corstson, b. March 20, 1886
Married: abt. 1910
John, b. before 1911, d. before 1920
Mildred, b. 1911, Ashill, Missouri, Married: Howard Sanderson, August 17, 1931 in Missouri
Dora D. b. 1915, Missouri, Married:  August 18, 1931 in Fisk, Missouri, Harvey S. Smith
Margie Louise, b. Sept 19, 1918, d.  October 3, 1994 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Married: Orville Mathew Wilkerson, b.  1912
Pearl, b. abt. 1921, Missouri, Married: Everett Brannon
Alberta "Bert", b. bt. 1922
Elmer Columbus Jr. "E.C.", b. March 2, 1926, Missouri, Married: Lillian Parks
Osel, b. 1908
William Andrew Gillihan
b. March 15, 1897
d. March 1, 1981, Butler Co. Missouri
Burial: Shain Memorial Cemetery
Military: Military Service WW1 Private, U.S. Army, Stationed in France
Last Known Address: Parma, Missouri 63870 Social Security Number 499-32-9548 - Issued-Missouri 
NOTE: That William was the Father of Elmer, we have no doubt, however, we have never been able to find documentation of any marriage to Myrtle Hall.
NOTE: The Stoddard County Divorce Court Records don't give the exact date of divorce from Etta
1930 St. Louis, Missouri Census:
Goodman Clarence -head-24yrs-M-M at 19- IN. IN. IN.-Chauffer/Hauling Truck
Edna A-Wife-23yo-M at 18- MO MO MO
William A-Son-4yo-MO IN MO
Wilma I-Daughter-3-3/12- MO IN MO
Tommy C-Son- 9/12?- MO In MO
Gillihan William A-Lodger-34yo-M at 16- In IL IN-Labor Geberal
Etta R.**-M at 13- IL IN IN
Pauline E-6yo- MO IN IL
Relationship 1. Myrtle Hall
b. May 5, 1897
Elmer Austin, b. Nov. 4, 1915, Posey Co. Indiana
Marriage 1: Etta Rae Goodman
Pauline Eugene, b. July 21, 1922-23, St. Louis MO.
Paul, b. July 21, 1922-23, d. 1922-23
Marriage 2: Cleo Simpson Lawrence
Marriage 3: Maude Janes Mineheart
Marriage 4: Marphesia Thorpe
Elmer Austin Gillihan
b. Nov. 4, 1915, Posey Co. Indiana
d. April 13, 1951, Evansville, Indiana
Military Service:  Unites States Air Force
Occupation: Truck Driver Handcock Trucking Line   
Note: Delayed Birth Certificate, not issued until 1940.
Elmer sometimes went by the name "Steve". He died from complications of gall bladder surgery.
Marriage 1: Dorothy Alene Tafel, b. April 29, 1919
Married:  December 9, 1933 in Evansville, Indiana
Gordon Gene Gillihan
Wayne Austin Gillihan
Sandra Alene Gillihan
Marriage 2: Maybelle Durham, b. 1919, d. 1997
Descendants of John Harvey Gillihan
1     John Harvey GILLIHAN b: Nov 20, 1834 Tennessee
                                                        d: Jul 13, 1911 Carmi,
White Co, IL
       +Nancy Downs JONES b: Apr 07, 1841 d: Mar 20, 1918 Carmi, White Co,
...... 2  Mary Magdeline GILLIHAN b: 1857
.......... +John SUMPTER b: 1852
...... 2  Martha Jane GILLIHAN b: Jun 30, 1859 d: Jun 04, 1892
.......... +James MOSSBERGER b: 1852
...... *2nd Husband of Martha Jane Gillihan:
.......... +Thomas BARBRE b: Mar 11, 1854 d: May 11, 1903
...... 2  Elender (Link) GILLIHAN b: Jul 02, 1861 d: Feb 28, 1925
.......... +John (Chief Red Cloud) RUSSELL b: 1858 d: Aft 1901
Carmi, White Co,  IL
...... 2  Arrena GILLIHAN b: Feb 09, 1864 d: Oct 01, 1948
.......... +Martin Henry PLOCK b: Feb 09, 1854 d: Oct 01, 1948
...... *2nd Husband of Arrena Gillihan:
.......... +Frank MCINTOSH
...... 2  William Harvey GILLIHAN b: Feb 20, 1867 d: Aug 24, 1941
.......... +Priscilla Ann RUSSELL b: 1868 d: 1953
...... 2  James Rufus GILLIHAN b: Sep 20, 1869 Carmi, White Co,  IL

d: Jul 13, 1949
.......... +Mary Ann HICKS b: 1870
...... *2nd Wife of James Rufus Gillihan:
.......... +Caroline 'Callie' BAILEY b: Oct 08, 1870 Elk
River, MN

d: Apr 26, 1948 Keensburg, IL
...... *3rd Wife of James Rufus Gillihan:
.......... +Frankie TAYLOR b: Mar 03, 1881 d: Oct 23, 1959
...... 2  Andrew Wilburn GILLIHAN b: Feb 09, 1871 Burnt Prairie, IL

d: Feb 16, 1945 Fisk, MO
.......... +Minnie PERLATH b: 1872
...... *2nd Wife of Andrew Wilburn Gillihan:
.......... +Margaret Taylor RANDOLPH b: 1859
...... *3rd Wife of Andrew Wilburn Gillihan:
.......... +Mary Josie BRITTINGHAM b: Mar 13, 1892 Pike County, IN
May 27, 1962 Vincennes, IN
...... 2  Elmer Columbus GILLIHAN b: May 19, 1877 d: Sep 10, 1955
.......... +Ollie STANTON b: 1881 d: 1909
...... *2nd Wife of Elmer Columbus Gillihan:
.......... +Gennetta CARLSON b: Mar 20, 1886 d: Jun 20, 1963
...... 2  Everett Napoleon GILLIHAN b: May 19, 1877 d: 1960
.......... +Mollie MAUER
...... 2  John Riley GILLIHAN b: Mar 25, 1878 d: Aug 17, 1945
.......... +Emma J. BUTTERY b: Jan 1873
...... *2nd Wife of John Riley Gillihan:
.......... +Alice 

GILLIHAN, CLEMENS &   BLANDIN, MARY A     MC DONOUGH  11/11/1849   A/          859
GILLIHAN, ELMER C.  &  STANTON, OLLIE R (BK C PG 423)       SALINE      03/08/1896 A 1/ 288        
GILLIHAN, FRANK, age 20, parents: G.B. Gilliham and Margaret Hutchcraft , &   BROWN, ADA SUE,  parents: W.H. Brown and Eliza E. Higginson,  WHITE,        03/07/1894  19/            
GILLIHAN, JAMES R, age 22, parents: John Gilliham and Nancy D. Jones &  STALEY, CALLIE BAYLEY (MRS)     WHITE       01/06/1897  20/            
GILLIHAN, JOHN R, age 22, parents: John Gillihan and Nancy Danes (?) &  BUTTRY, EMMA, age 24, parents: John H. Buttry and Nellie Brown, WHITE       01/06/1897  20/            
GILLIHAN, OSCAR   &     WORKMAN, FANNIE    RICHLAND    12/06/1913   4/ 282      155
GILLIHAN, RICHARD H &  ELLIS, GRACE L  MC DONOUGH  03/27/1895    /         1152
GILLIHAN, STEPHEN H & CLARK, SARAH  MC DONOUGH  10/17/1844   A/  60      505
GILLIHAN, WILLIAM W  & FOSTER, MARY E     MC DONOUGH  07/23/1853    /          314
ROUTH, ISAAC  &    GILLIHAN, FRANCES    GREENE      10/23/1831   1/  17      503
RATHBUN, WILLIAM R &  GILLIHAN, HANNAH N   MC DONOUGH  11/29/1838   A/  27      215
SHOEMAKER, SAMUEL M & GILLIHAN, LENNIE    CUMBERLAND  07/23/1889   1/  42        
HAYS, LEVI S &    GILLIHAN, MARY ANN   MC DONOUGH  11/22/1853    /          366
GILLIHAM, ANDREW W, parents: John Gilliham and Nancy Jones & PERLATT, MINNIE, parents: John Perlatt and Viola Neuleton, WHITE       05/30/1896  19/           
GILLIHAM, GREEN B  &   HUTCHCRAFT, MARGARET  WHITE       07/10/1872   9/            
GILLIHAM, JAMES F   &   SEFERT, NELLIE T    JEFFERSON   01/17/1893  12/            
GILLIHAM, JAMES R   &   HICKS, MARY A         WHITE       05/03/1891  17/            
GILLIHAM, LEVI   &          WILKIN, ELIZA JANE  MC DONOUGH  05/24/1855    /          559
GILLIHAM, RYDERAS C,  & RICE, MARIAH J       WHITE       12/06/1866   7/            
GILLIHAM, WILLIAM H, age 20, parents: John Gilliham and Nancy D. Jones &  RUSSELL, PRISCILLA A     WHITE       08/04/1886  15/            
RUSSELL, JOHN WILSON & GILLIHAM, ELENDER P    WHITE 10/26/1879  12/            
SUMPTER, JOHN H &    GILLIHAM, MAY F  WHITE       03/29/1877  10/            
PLOCK, MARTIN, age 29, parents: Henry Plock and Margaret Sherman, &   GILLIHAM, NANCY ARRINDA, age 21, parents: John H. Gilliham and Nancy Jones, WHITE   11/09/1884  14/
William UPTON, age 43, parents: Andy Upton and Ruth Gray, & Mrs. Clender P. Russell, age 40, parents: John H. Gilliham and Nancy D. Jones, July 25, 1900
Thos. F. McIntosh, age 38, parents: Jeffry McIntosh and Electra White, & Mrs. Arrena Plock, age 33
parents: John Gillihan and Nancy D. Jones, October 21, 1896 
Riderous G. Gillham, age 49, parents: John Gillham and Frances Warrut, & Mary A. Spence, age 33, parents: Andy Spence and Julia Mitchell, May 29, 1892

Additional Notes:

Vol. 2 book Dec 1808-Feb 1815:
Will Book B, Page 69
At the sale of the estate of John Lancaster, deceased some of the buyers
were: Thomas Gillihan, $7.25; Cleman Gillihan $5.12; Squire Wood $40.21 3/4;
William Gillihan $.76; and William Wood $16.51 1/4.
June term of 1813

Vol.  Feb 1815-Aug 1816
Will Book C Page 199
Sale of Estate of John Betty, deceased
Clemon Gilleham bought a sifter for $.25
May 1816

Source: Alice Gillihan,  I have two different entries concerning bounty land to William Gillihan.
1791/12/24 - GILLIHAN William, plat for 200 acres on branch of Middle Saluda 
River, Greenville County, Ninety Six District, surveyed by George Salmon. 
(South Caroline Department of Archives and History; series S213190, Vol 0027, 
Page 00481, Item 01)
1792/Jan 2 - GILLIHAN, William, V. 2, p. 43;  200 acres, Ninety-Six
District, Greenville County on both sides of a small branch of the middle ford of 
Saluda River. ( "Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants in South Carolina" by Tony
Draine and John Skinner, page 17)
Could this be two different Williams? One who ended up in Smith County TN and one who went to Trigg County KY. Or is this a variation of just one William
and which one could it be?

From U.S. and International Marriage Records 1560-1900 Cane Climer, spouse Nancy Gillihan, b 1801 SC, marriage year 1850 in TN. Daughter of William 1 and Frances Tadlock
1850 Census, Smith Cty., N. of Cumberland, E. of Caney
Cane Climer , 69 Farmer, b in MD
Nancy, 30 or 50?, b in SC
John, 18, Farmer, b in KY
Sarah, 16, b in KY
Is it known if John and Sarah are Nancy's children from a previous marriage?


Bracken, Tadlock, Gillihan Source Notes:

This 1790 Census is a listing of the 954 heads of household and those living within their homes at the time.  The census shows only the names of the head of house. The detail numbers following each name represent five entries asked for in the census taking. They are:
1] Number of free white males over the age of 16 including head of household.
2] Free white males under 16 years of age.
3] Free white females including heads of families.
4] All other free persons, mulattos, free blacks, Native American.
5] Slaves.
GILLILAND       David           01 04 03 00 00          68
GILLLIANS       Joseph         02 00 07 00 00          68
TADLOCK        James          01 00 01 00 00          68
GILLIHAN         William        02 02 03 00 00          68
GILLIHAN         William        01 00 01 00 00          69
GILLILAND       John            01 01 02 00 00          70
GILLILAND       Robert         02 03 04 00 00          70

Notice that there are 2 William GILLIHAN's and they are living near James TADLOCK. James is the brother of Frances Tadlock that moved to Barren County KY.


Note: While we do not know for sure that this John, William, and Elizabeth Gillehan are our ancestors; there is a lot of things that indicate that they are related.
In 1763, John Gillehan and his daughter sold the land that they had inherited from 'Old' William Brackin. Elizabeth's husband sold his land at the same time. Apparently they all went together to North Carolina alnog with several Delaware families. [William Gillehan has vanished, as far as located records go!] 
In 1779, William, Issac, Thomas, & James Brackin are on the Orange Co NC tax list for for 1,256 acreas. Ashford Keen purchased land from them.
About 1794, James Gillehan (Elizabeth's son) went to Sumner Co TN and purchased land.
In 1806, William Brackin purchased land in Sumner Co TN from his son James (Deed Book 4, p 116). In Nov 1821, Elizabeth Gillehan's will was probated (Gallatin, Sumner Co, TN Will Book # 1).
In about 1830, Ashford, William, James & John Keen moved to Wayne County IL and settled in Hickory Hill Township at the site which later becames know as Keenville, IL.. [Elizabeth Gillehan-Bracken's son-in-law and grandchildren.]
'The Brackin Family in the Southeastern United States' by DR. Henry Brackin, Jr.
'Genealogy of the Keen Family of Wayne County, Illinois' by Harry T. Keen, 1006
22nd Street, Lawrenceville, Illinois printed 1965.
Dick Webber, a descendent of Elizabeth Gillehan

1. William BRACKEN, b.  Before 1675 in Lancashire or Yorktown, England .  d. April 8, 1749 in New Castle, Delaware.  Emigration: August 25, 1699 Reached Philadelphia aboard the ship, Britannia from Liverpool. Property July 14, 1702 Requested a land grant of 100 acres near Red Clay Creek, Newcastle, Deaware. Property 1726-1727 Gave 200 acres to son, Thomas, 150 acres to son, John April 8, 1749 Will was drawn. December 28, 1749 Will was probated. Married: Hannah Unknown. The will is on file in Will Book G page 459, Wilmington Deleware. 

2. Susannah, married:  John Gillehan  ( b:WFT Est 1682-1709 - d:WFT Est 1736-1796 )

One Theory: 1749 (Abt): William Gillehan is born, 1749 (Abt): Susannah Bracken dies, It is possible that about 1750  the widower ,John Gillehan, marries another woman and  that  Clemmons Gillihan is born to this union. - This is pure speculation, because no marriage record has been found.  However, no other possible father has been found and there are many indications that William and Clemmons are related.

children: William Gillehan  ( b:Est 1726-1744 - d:WFT Est 1731-1829 )
Elizabeth Gillehan ( aft 1730-bef Nov 1821) spouse: William Brackin (abt 1720-1808)  [He was her 1st cousin.] 

Elizabeth BRACKEN - January 5, 1819 Will - Widow of William Bracken deceased. Daughter Polly Keen, wife of Ashford Keen, tract land I now = live on. Appoints Addison Foster executioner. Proved Nov 1821

'Old' Willaim Bracken/Brackin was probably the first of his line in America. He reached Philadelphia PA on Aug 25, 1699, aboard the ship 'Britannia' from Liverpool England. William Bracken witnessed the will of George Goodsell July 25, 1699, while aboard this ship. Due to sickness aboard the ship,a committee was appointed at the monthly meeting of Friends in Philadelphia August 25, 1699, "to assist the sick and weak passagers from Liverpool." Apparently William Bracken was appointed a recipient for on August 29, 1714 the Friends in their meeting resolved "whereas 30 shillings were lent to William Bracken, he being now able to repay, therefore Anthony Morris and William Hudson are appointed to write to him so he might return the money again for the use of other poor Friends."
Although the above suggests he was a Friend, this family was connected with Holy Trinity (Old Swedes Church) in Wilmington, Delaware. This was a Swedish Lutheran congregation until 1790. John Brackin, his son, and his family seemed to have been Presbyterians in North Carolina and was so during the early years in Sumner County, Tennessee.
There is no further record of William Bracken after he arrived in Philadelphia until July 14, 1702 when he requested a  land grant of 100 acres near Red Clay Creek (New Castle Co., Del.).
Source: 'The Brackin Family in the Southeastern United States' by Henry Brackin, Jr M.D. printed in 1979 - on page 10.
William Bracken, Yoeman, Mill Creek Hundreds (New Castle  County) Delaware His will was written in 1744, he died April 8, 1749 in Wilmington, New Castle Co.,DE, his will was probated December 28, 1749 - G359. His will lists the following: sons; Thomas, John, & Henry - Daughters; Hannah Jordan (wife of James Jordan), Margaret Moore (wife of Alex Moore), Martha Ball (widow of John Ball, Jr) -
John Gillehan (husband of Susannah Bracken now deseased) - Grandsons; William Gillehan and William Bracken - Granddaughters; Elizabeth Gillehan and Martha Jordan - Exc's of will: Henry Bracken, son and William Bracken, grandson.  Source: 'A Calender of Delaware Wills, New Castle County, 1682-1800' that was abstracted and compiled by the Historical Research Committee of the Colonial Dames of Delaware.

The will states the following pertaining to John Gilehan, "I do leave unto John Gillehan who was married to my daughter Susannah deceased one shilling Sterling Currt money which shall  be in full of his portion and share of my real and personal Estate. Item. I do leave unto my Grandson William
Gillehan son of the said John Gillehan thirty pounds Currt money of Pennsylvania to be put out  at intrest for him by my Executors until he arrives to said age of twenty one years and then to pay him the Principal and Intrest.  Item. I do give unto my grand Daughter Elizabeth Gillehan Daughter of the said John Gillehan the house and shop where John Lapsley lately lived it being on the main Road leading to the White Clay Creek landing and four acres of Land joyning to it and all the appurtenances thereunto belonging to her and to her heirs forever and fire wood sufficient and convenient for twenty one years shee or her heirs cutting or hauling the same But if it should happen that she shou'd depart this life without lawful Issue then it is my will and I do give and Bequeath the above said house and shop and four Acres of Land and  priviledges aforesaid to my Grandson William Gillehan and his heirs forever."

William BRACKIN - 3 April, 1833 - Wife land I live on 340 acres. Son = Elvis J. negroes. Son James L., Daughter Eliza B, Daughter Elvira and = her husband Samuel Turner. Brother-in-law  Reuben Searcy and his wife = Polly.     (p.174)


William BRACKIN - 30 April, 1833 - Wife Plantation I live on 340 = acres. Son Elvis J. Brackin. Son James L. Brackin. Daughter Eliza B. Brackin. Daughter Elvira and her husband Samuel Turner. Brother-in-law Reuben Searcy and his wife Polly.     (p.175)


Letters Left in Post Office:
John Gillihan/Gillihen       Lancaster Co, PA  Dec 31, 1761  
John Gillihan/Gillihen       Lancaster Co, PA  Jan 13, 1763
William Gillihew             Carlisle, PA      Dec 31, 1761
William Gillihan/Gillihen    Carlisle, PA      Mar 18, 1762

1771:  John Gillihan is taxed in Botetourt County (?), VA (formed in 1769  Augusta)

1772:  John Gillihan buys land in Wythe County (Wythe was not formed until 1789, then it was carved from Montgomery, which was formed in 1776 from Botetourt, which was formed in 1769 from Augusta)

1774:  John Gillihan in Dunmore's War which was fought in northwest Virginia.

1775:  William Gillehan enlists in Continental Army in Virginia

1777: Clemmons Gillihan enlists at Cheat River in Virginia

1783:  John Gillihan receives land grant in Washington County, which included entire area of what is now Tennessee and part of North Carolina. [NC Land Grant Book in TN, 1778-1791, by Burgner  - John GILLIHAN in Washington Co NC 1783, 400 acres, On the head of Thomas Brown's creek]
1783:  Thomas Gillihan born in North Carolina, which could have been what is now Tennessee.
Brother of Clement, per letter from Gideon B. Gillihan.
1784:  John Gillihan sold land  in Washington Co, TN

1788(?):  Clement Gillihan born to William Gillihan in SC.

1790:  John Gillihan sold land and bought land in Sullivan County, TN which was still part of North Carolina (until 1796.John Gillahan is in the 1790 census in Burke County, NC with 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, and 3 females, per census records.

John Gillham South Carolina
Jacob Gillham South Carolina (Jacob Clemens Gillham?)
Isaac Gillham South Carolina
Clemence Gilliham Virginia (enlisted at Cheat River, now W. VA)
William Gillehan South Carolina, Virginia (1775-79)

GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC 1790:  William Gillihan receives bounty land in Greenville County, SC and is in census there.
1790 - Census 96th District Greenville Co, South Carolina a William Gillihan had 2 male under 16, 2 males over 16 and 3 females.
1793:  John Gillihan in Buncombe County, NC ordered by court to lay road from ford of Ben Davidson's Creek to middle of French Broad river.

Thomas Tadlock a carpenter from Virginia.  I have data on a deed he sold in VA and data on property he bought in Northampton County, North Carolina.
Mother: Elizabeth (surname is unknown at present).
1. Mary Tadlock m. William Padfield 10 May 1787 in Greene County, TN.
2. Frances Tadlock [m. William Gillihan 10 June 1787 Greene County, TN.]
3. Thomas Tadlock m. Catherine David.
4. Joshua Tadlock m. Nancy (surname unknown at present)
5. John E. Tadlock b. abt 1755 in VA.  d.  Abt 1820/1821 in Trigg Co., KY.
m. Sally Keel 1779/1780
m. Ann Harrod  19 Jul 1903 Mercer Co., KY.
m. Nancy Jordan Rochester 19 Jul 1805 Boyle Co., KY.
6. Lewis Tadlock b. 1764 d. 1815  Washington Co., TN.
Farmer  m. Charlotte Padfield 19 Jun 1788
m. Jane Blair
7. Elizabeth Tadlock m. William Hust 29 Oct 1791 Greene Co., TN.
8. James Tadlock m. Susanna (surname unknown at present).

All men in family signed the charter for the formation of the State of
Franklin.  FYI, this state was in existance for only about 4 years with its
capitol at Greeneville, TN.  It wasn't recognized by the Federal Government
and the land was returned to North Carolina.  Shortly thereafter what was
Franklin became Southwest Territory south of the Ohio River and then
evolved into the state of Tennessee.



Elmer Columus Gillihan & Nettie Corstson
Elmer's 2nd, Wife

TENNESSEE  1860  CENSUS, SMITH CO.  Dist 10,  P.O. Dixon Springs

Gilham,  Thomas   30  farmer   B. abt 1830,  Tenn.
Elizabeth               20                B. abt 1840,  Tenn.
1.  Amanda             6                B. abt 1854,  Tenn.
2.  William              1                B. abt  1859, Tenn.

SMITH CO.  Dist. 10   P.O. Dixon Springs

Gilham, James R.   27        B. abt 1833, Tenn.
Harris) Nancy         18         B. abt 1842, Tenn.  
                                            M. 4 July 1860
Nancy                     38         B. abt 1822, N.C.
Clement                  20         B. abt 1840,  Tenn.
Allen                       18         B. abt 1842,  Tenn.
Edwin                     15         B. abt. 1845, Tenn.
TENNESSEE  1870 Census, SMITH CO.,   Chestnut Mound, Civil Dist. 10. 

 Gillahan, Holly,  70         B.  Tenn.
1.  Elizabeth,       43         B.  Tenn.

SMITH CO.,  Chestnut Mound, Civil Dist. 10.

Gillahan, Rufus,   30  farmer  B.  Tenn.
Mary,                   23               B. Tenn.
Uriah,                  17/365         B.  Tenn.

SMITH CO., Chestnut Mound, Civil Dist, 10.

*  Gillihan, William   45         B.  Tenn.
 Nancy                      31         B.  Tenn.
 *  Gillahan, John     32         B.  Tenn.                  
*  brothers
Mary,                        13         B.  Tenn
Teessa,                    12         B.  Tenn.
John M.                    10         B.  Tenn.
Martha,                      6         B.  Tenn.

SMITH CO.   Chestnut Mound, Civil Dist 10

 Gillahan, Arrena,   50   housekeeper   B. Tenn.
Green B.                 22                            B. Tenn. 
shows William was her husband,  when  ?.

SMITH CO.  Chestnut Mound, Civil Dist. 10.

Gillahan, Andrew V.,  31  farmer  B.  Tenn.
Mary F.                       30              B.  Tenn.
Kezzy J.                     10              B.  Tenn.
Uriah                            6              B.  Tenn.
Fanny                           3             B.  Tenn
Sydney                      3/4             B.   Tenn.
STEWART CO.   Dist. 1,  Cumberland City.
Gillahan, James   35  farmer   B. abt 1835,  Tenn.                 
 Nancy                  26                B. abt 1844,  Tenn.  
                                                 M. 3 July 1860
James                    9                B abt 1861,  Tenn.
Samuel                   7                B. abt. 1863, Tenn.
 Nancy                    4                B. abt. 1866, Tenn.
Turner                     1                B. abt. 1869, Tenn
Sally                     50                B. abt 1820.  ILL.

STEWART CO.,   Cumberland City.

Gillahan, Thomas,     46  farmer   B. abt 1824, Tenn.
(Bellah),  Elizabeth    29                B. abt 1841, Tenn
1.  Meranda               15                B. abt 1855.  Tenn.
2.  Sarah                     4                B. abt  1866, Tenn.
3.  Louisa                 6/12              B. abt 1870,  Tenn.

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