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~ Our Van Bibber Family From Indiana~

~The Van Bibber Yoakum Connection~
~Early Family History & Events~
~Descendants of Jacob Van Bibber & Unknown~
~Indiana Van Bibber Census Records~
~Van Bibber-Sutton Divorce Papers~
~Selected Van Bibber Profiles~
~Van Bibber -Boone Connection~
~The West Virginia Hills~
~The Van Bibber-Kirves Connection~
~The Van Bibber-Tafel Connection~
~The Van Bibber Yoakum Connection~
~The Van Bibber -Sutton Connection~
~The Van Bibber-Bounds Connection~
~The Van Bibber-Up Den Graeff Connection~
~Van Bibber-Schumacher Connection~
Artie Marie~Our Lost Child
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~The Double Van Bibber Line Begins Here~

1. Heinrich JOCHEM
b. Germany, Married: Gertrude Geertje
2.  Mathias JOCHEM
b. Abt 1653 in Germany 
Spouse Unknown
3. Francis JOCHEM
b. 1678 in New Amsterdam, NY, d. 1751 in Hardy Co, WV
Married: Milly Felty, b: Abt 1682 in New Amsterdam, NY
4. Matthias YOCUM,
b. Abt 1706 in New Amsterdam, NY Bef 18 Feb 1783 in Lincoln Co, KY 
Married: Eleanor Zeh, b. Abt 1712 in Shoharie, NY, Married, 1727
5. Valentine YOAKAM 
b. Abt 1734 in Augusta Now Hardy Co, VA, 
d. Indian Massacre at Muddy Creek, Greenbriar Co.VA. 13 JUL 1763
Married: 1747 in Hardy Co, WV  Margaret Zeh, b: 1725 in Schoharie Co, NY
6. Sarah YOAKUM, b. 1767,  Bef 1838 
Married:  22 Jul 1785 in Greenbriar Co, VA,
Peter VAN BIBBER 111, b. August 15, 1757 in Halifax Co, VA 
d. 8 Oct 1838 in Ripley Co, IN.
Applied for Revolutionary War Pension in Ripley Co. Indiana
Children of Sarah & Peter:   
John, b.  Abt 1787 in OH, Jacob, b: 1789 in KY, Jesse, Rachel, Sarah, Isaac, b. abt. 1798.
7. Jacob VAN BIBBER: b. 1789 in Kentucky, Died: Unknown
Married: Unknown
Children of Jacob and Unknown:
Rachel, b. 1810, Ohio, Olive, 1813, Ohio, Jonathan, b. 1814, Ohio, Peter, b. 1816, Ohio, Delia, b. 1817, Ohio, William, b. 1820, Ohio, Martha J. O. 1834, Indiana
8. Martha J. O. Van Bibber
b. 1834 in Indiana,
d. December 23,1886 in Warrick Co. Indiana
Burial:  Epworth Cemetery, Newburgh, Indiana. Martha can be located on the 1860 census living with her Brother, Isaac and his family. Listed as 16 years of age, born in Pa. Source: Virginia Aldrich
Married:  January 3, 1861 in Vanderburg County, Indiana Michael J. Sutton, Son of Ebenezer Sutton, b. 1807, PA.  & Mary Polly Meyers, b. 1813, Ohio
b: September 3, 1833 in Kentucky
d. July 30, 1903 in Indiana
Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery, Newburg, Indiana
Military: Civil War Military Service
Children of Martha & Michael: 
Ann Mary, b: June 2, 1864 in Kentucky
George W.  b: June 16, 1875 in Warrick Co. Indiana
William S. b: October 21, 1870 in Warrick County, Indiana..
An explanation of the Double Sutton/Van Bibber line:
Michael had a Sister, Missouri Ann Sutton who married Isaac van Bibber, the brother of Michael's Wife, Martha...and: Michael and Martha had a daughter, Ann Mary who married William Albert Van Bibber, the Son of Isaac and Missouri. This makes them first double Cousins.
1880 Ohio, Warrick Co. Indiana Census:
Martha-Wife-1835IN-45-Keeping House-M-W-OH-OH
Annie-Dau-1865-IN-15-At Home-S-W-KY-IN
Source #1: Civil War pension papers of Michael J. Sutton lists his marriages and the names and dates of birth for his living children at the time of his application.  Source #2-Virginia Aldrich
9. Ann Mary Sutton,  b. June 2, 1864 in Kentucky
d. Unknown
Married:  July 5, 1880 in Warrick County, Indiana William Albert Van Bibber,
b. 1856 in Indiana, d. Unknown
Son of: Isaac "Ike" Van Bibber & Missouri Ann Sutton
1860 Warrick Co. Indiana Census:
Isaac 32
Missouri A.-22
Ratliff B.-12
1880 Knight, Vanderburgh Co. Indiana Census:
On the 1900 Scott Co. Missouri census William was living with his Brother, Thomas. No other census record lists him after that.
Divorce record states that William drank heavily and beat his wife. He deserted her and thier five children years before she filed for divorce in 1893. At this time the 5 minor children were already in the orphange.
NOTE: From Warrick Co. Birth records: W. Albert and (?)-female birth- April 29, 1882.
1900 Scott Co. Missouri Census:
Albert 42-with Thomas J. and Mary J. Flora and Bessie
Children of William Albert Van Bibber & Ann Mary Sutton:
Lillian. b: October 1881 in Vanderburg County, Indiana,
 Warrick County Orphan's Home 1888 Warrick County, Indiana
  • Census: 1900 Vanderburg County, Living with Edward Collins as a cook.
  • Census 1920 1920 Census lists: Oliver Wade 35, Lillie, Wife, 39 and Julia, daughter, age 4
    Married 1. : Sigmund Eichel, 1903 in Vanderburg County, Indiana, Divorced, September 29, 1908 in Vanderburg County, Indiana.  
  • Married 2: Oliver Wade
  • Ethel  b: April 29, 1882 in Warrick County, Indiana,  Late 1800's Warrick County Orphan's Home. Orphange records indicate Ethel was sent to the Poorhouse when she was 13 years of age. 1896 County Poorhouse. Orphanage records state Ethel was 13 years old. April 16, 1892 Was bound out to Joseph Cook. Was returned to Orphanage May 21, 1892. Census: 1900 Warrick County, Indiana, Living with Leslie family.  Ethel is living in the home of William Leslie and wife as servant. William Crow was also living at this address as a boarder. Ethel has a daughter listed by the name Marie, aged 3. States Ethel is single, age 18. The child mentioned is in fact Ethel's born out of wedlock child, Artie Marie whose Father was Clinton Strong.
    On the 1910 Census, William, Ethel and Son, Herchel were recorded. Ethel states she is the Mother of 3 children, only one is listed, Herchel. Artie Marie would have been 13 years old. She may have already been married which would have meant that Ethel lied about Artie's age.
    On the 1920 Census they are recorded, William -58, Ethel-38 and Herchel -18.
    Source: Virginia Aldridge, Evansville, Indiana
    Source: Warrick County Census Records.
    Source: Warrick County Orphan's Home records

    Marriage 1.: September 18, 1900 in Warrick County, Indiana, William Crow,  Child: Hershell Crow. Marriage 2: January 11, 1934 in Warrick County, Indiana. Bk. 23, p.19, Marriage 3, November 5, 1939 in Warrick County, Indiana, Samuel Columbus Woods. The Next Page is about Ethel's Daughter, Artie Marie

    Olive E. "Ollie"  b: January 22, 1884 in Indiana (Below)

    Martha "Mattie" b: About 1886 in Warrick County, Indiana, Married: Jack Mahon

    Raymond,  b: 1888 in Warrick County, Indiana, d. Unknown,   Late 1800's Was abandoned by parents to the Warrick County Orphan's Home.
    Census: 1900 Warrick County Orphan's Home, Census: 1910 Portsmouth City, Virginia, Sailor, U.S. Navy, Census: 1920 Madrid County, Missouri, recorded as Single. Military Service 1920's United States Navy,  Listed as: tie maker (railroad)    
    Note: You were allowed to stay, I believe, nine years and one day at the orphanage. After that time you would be told that your alloted time was up and you would have to leave the next day!

    1900 Warrick Co. Indiana Census Records: Boon Twp. Orphan's Home:
    VANBIBER, Raymond-W-M-11-At School-December 1888-IN-IN-IN
    Matron of Orphanage was listed as, Emma Weldon-W-F-40-Single-Dec. 1859-IN-TN-IL
    Mary Kelley-2 children-2 living-W-F-51-Widow-Assistant Matron-Aug 1849-MO-VA-KY
    NOTE: According to the list of orphans, they all attend school and all can read and write.
    Raymond was indentured out to: William E. Murphy, February 23, 1901, age 13.
    Records indicate Raymond concented to the indenture.
    Source: Warrick County Orphan's Book, page #22.
    Orphange records indicate Raymond had some serious Behavior problems and was the object of much concern at the Orphan's Home. Never seen after 1945 when he visited his parents and family in Evansville, Indiana.
    10. Olive E. Van Bibber
    b. January 22, 1884 in Indiana
    d. October 20, 1961 in Bothell, Wa.
    Buried: Acacia Cemetery, Lake City, Washington 
    Olive was abandoned to the Orphan's home along with her sisters and brother. She was bonded out, March 5, 1892 when she was 8 years old and returned a year later as she was once again listed as an inmate in 1893. She was indentured out again to Adam Mauer where she was listed as a servant and where she stayed until she was old enough to be turned out. After leaving the mauer's she worked in a cigar factory until meeting her future Husband, Henry Tafel.
    Marriage Source: Vanderburgh County, Indiana, Marriage Book #27, Page #46.
    Source: Warrick County Orphan's Home Indenture Documents
    Married: January 6, 1906 in Evansville, Indiana to Henry Tafel,  Son of George and Amelia Kirves,
    Children of Olive & Henry:
    Dorothy Alene Tafel, b. April 30, 1919, Evansville, Indiana
    Carel H. b. b: October 4, 1906 in Evansville, Indiana
    Gilbert G. b: January 1, 1913 in Evansville, Indiana
    Martha,  b: March 31, 1922 in Evansville, Indiana
    11. Dorothy Alene Tafel, Married Elmer Austin Gillihan
    " Now here coms Jacob Vanbibber and proves to the satisfaction fo the Court that Peter Vanbibber late of the County of Vanderburgh deceased died on the eighth day of Oct AD 1838 intestate that he left no widow that no administrator of his estate has been granted to anyone and that said Jacob Vanbibber is a son and only heir of the said Peter Vanbibber deceased and that he is over twenty one years of age."

    I have looked at this record.
    Virginia Aldridge, Source
    ----- In addition to the estate record quoted by Virginia Aldridge, two other documents indicate that Peter Van Bibber died in Vanderburgh County. These can be found with Peter's application for Revolutionary War veteran's pension, I believe. Both are legal documents certified by Vanderburg County justices of the peace and used by Peter's son Jacob to claim the last pension payment. I only have 30-year old typed, transcribed copies of these documents and think they need to be checked again. Nevertheless, I think it safe to rely on what the estate record tells us.
    As to where Peter was buried, I have to admit I was relying on the DAR's judgment. They put his name on the memorial to Revolutionary War veterans buried in Vanderburgh County, but of course, Ripley County has claimed him on a similar monument (or so I've heard). Most likely, no one knows where he lies.

    Source: Stephen Van Bibber






    Dedicated to  the Memory of Olive Van Bibber Tafel