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BOZORTH, Christopher Columbus (1832-1913): m1. VAN BIBBER, Rhoda Mrs.; m2. 1865 GOODWIN, Olive; an account of the trip across the plains written by C.C. Bozorth appeared in the Feb 10, 1893 issue of the Cathlamet Washington Gazette (reprinted in Genealogical Forum of Oregon Monthly publication Dec 1964)

BOZORTH, Emma Caroline (1842- ): m'd 1858 THING, George M.

BOZORTH, John Shaw (1824- ): m'd 1850 LEWELLING, Asenath M.

BOZORTH, Julia Ann (1834- ): m'd 1857 STEPHENS, Benjamin

BOZORTH, Millie Willis (1838- ): m'd LEWIS, Frederick Lee

BOZORTH, Owen Willis (1820-1875): m'd 1853 WILLIAMS, Judith A.; an agriculturist; settled in southern part of Washington

BOZORTH, Sarah Ann (1825- ): m'd 1847 WALKER, Ellis

BOZORTH, Squire (1792-1853): m'd 1819 WILLIS, Mildred H.; s/o John and Sarah (Shaw) Bozorth; mentioned in "Historical and Genealogical Record of the Bozarth Family, From Landing in America to 1918"

BOZORTH, Squire Junior (1836- ): m'd 1857 JOHN, Cynthia Ann


BOGGS, Lilburn W.: m'd BOONE, Panthea; brother-in-law of Alphonso Boone; served as gov of MO; cutoff for CA and became part of Donner Party

BOONE, Alphonso D. (1796-1849): m'd 1822 BOONE, Nancy Linville; s/o Jesse and Chloe (VanBibber) Boone; g-grandson of Daniel and Rebecca (Bryan) Boone; "when they reached a canyon the family cached their goods (including Daniel Boones compass and surveying instruments) and waded about twelve miles through the water and over big boulders. The emigrants went back the next spring but the Indians had found the things cached and there was nothing left. They packed one oxen with clothing and got into the Willamette Valley at the crossing of Mary's river on Christmas day. "; went to CA mines in 1849 and drowned in Feather River Canyon, CA 28 Nov 1849; wife had died (1838) in MO as had five children; established Boone's Ferry which continued to run for 107 years (it was taken out of service in 1954 when a bridge was built across the Willamette).

BOONE, Chloe Donnely: m'd 1848 CURRY, George Law; d/o Alphonso Boone; taught school the first winter; lived in Oregon City after marriage

BOONE, George Luther (1826- ): did not emigrate with family in 1846, came to OR in 1848

BOONE, James C.:

BOONE, Jesse Van (1824-1872): m'd 1851 [], Elizabeth; s/o Alphonso Boone; operated ferry established by his father until his death

BOONE, Mary Elizabeth: m'd NORRIS, Thomas; d/o Alphonso Boone

BOONE, Panthea: m'd BOGGS, Lilburn W.; d/o Jesse Boone, sister of Alphonso; accompanied husband to CA and became part of Donner Party

BOSWORTH, John H.: m'd LOONEY, Susan

BOUNDS, John Bird (1800-1846): died on trail 13 Nov 1846

BOUNDS, John Bird: m'd 1850 LOVELADY, Sarah

BOUNDS, Jesse L. (1829- ): m'd 1853 [], Sarah Jane

BOUNDS, Nancy: m'd LINVILLE, Harrison

BOUNDS, Thomas L. (1824- ): m'd 1852 [], Elizabeth

VAN BIBBER, Lazarus (1806-1896): m'd [], Martha

The only son of Alphonso Boone who didn't accompany him to Oregon was George Luther Boone. Many years later, he told his story to fellow Oregon Trail emigrant Eva Emery Dye:

"When I was twelve years old, my mother died; and Father, Col. Alphonso Boone, named for an old Spanish friend of his Grandfather Daniel, moved us up to Jefferson City, where he opened a trading post to outfit caravans for the Oregon Trail. My father's sister, Aunt Panthea, the wife of Governor Boggs, lived in a fine house next to the Missouri state capitol. ... When Father moved to Independence near Kansas City I struck out on the plains as a trapper working for my Uncle Albert Gallatin Boone, agent for the Kaw and Cheyenne Indians. ...
In the early Spring of 1846 when my Father, Colonel Alphonso Boons, with his large family of boys and girls set out on the Oregon Trail, I was absent on a trading trip to the Arapahoes and Cherry Creek where Denver was yet to be. With my mouse-colored mules I was carrying trading goods for Uncle Albert into the farther Rocky Mountain wilds.
By midsummer, with goods sold out and three wagon-loads of furs for Uncle Albert, I returned to Westport to find my folks gone and Colonel Doniphan there recruiting for the Mexican War. ... Selling my mules to the government I was mustered in at Fort Leavenworth and was soon on the march for Santa Fe."
George was honorably discharged in 1847 and led a wagon train across the plains the following spring to join his family in Oregon. In 1849, he went to find his father and brothers in California, made some money shipping freight, and returned to Oregon to settle down in 1852.
Source: Bruce Logan



Isaac VanBebber and Sarah Davis
John VanBebber and Margaret Chrisman
Peter VanBebber and Sarah Grimes
Franklin VanBebber

California Wagon Train Lists by Louis J. Rasmussen, Volume 1, April 5, 1849 to October 20, 1852 (A Volume of the Ship, Rail and Wagon Train Series) San Francisco Historic Records, 1204 Nimitz Drive, Colma, California 94015-3621. (Page 125-126).

St. Joseph, Missouri (July, 1850). The St. Joseph Gazette of July 31, 1850, published six letters received from emigrants enroute to California. All letters were concerned with the deaths and suffering that was taking place on the roads to California. In each case the letter-writer was not identified, but they did furnish a number of names which had been collected from the markers on trailside graves.

The first letter.......

In a second letter printed in the St. Joseph Gazette of July 31, 1850, there appeared an additional list of graves enroute to California. This letter was written on June 16, 1850, at a point two hundred and forty miles west of Fort Kearney. The writer was unidentified and the graves were reported as follows: (no death dates)
.......Franklin Van Bebler, of Ray County, Mo. ............

(Note from this researcher: Franklin's grave sight was one of fifty two graves listed in the second letter.) Source: Gary Hawpe

Also on this trip was William Yoakum, (son of Jesse Yoakum and Anna Berry,) his second wife Eliza Eveline Kincaid (daughter of Alfred Kincaid and Minerva Catherine Cowan), and four children: John E. Yoakum and Mary Ann Yoakum, children of William Yoakum and Sarah Stone (then deceased) and Sallie W. and Kate M. Yoakum, daughters of William Yoakum and Eliza Kincaid. This family stayed in California. Eliza Kincaid Yoakum died in 1876 in Solano County, CA and William Yoakum died in 1893 in Fresno County, CA.


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