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Indenture Agreement~Raymond Van Bibber
~Olive Van Bibber Indenture~
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Indenture to Coriden Rice
March 4, 1892


This was Olive's (Ollie) First indenture at age seven. We know from reading the second indenture that she stayed here less than one year as she was once again indentured (or bound out) in March of 1983.

Source Documentation:
Copies of Indenture Documents: Virginia Aldrich
1900 Warrick County, IN Census Records: Boon Township Orphan's Home

Name of Institution & #Persons County
Unnamed Orphans Home - 20 Warrick County
All the children listed attend school and can read & write according to this list.

Weldon, Emma
w f 40 single MATRON Dec 1859 IN TN ILL

Kelley, Mary (2 children, 2 living)
w f 51 wd ASSISTANT Aug 1849 MO VA K,  

Mathews, Janisia
w f 53 single COOK Sep 1846 IN KY IN

Thompson, Maudie
w f 11 at school Nov 1888 IN IN IN

Vanbiber, Raymon (RAYMOND VAN BIBBER)
w m 11 at school Dec 1888 IN IN IN

Slender, Willey
w m 10 at school May 1890 IN IN IN

Polk, Ralph
w m 8 at school Apr 1892 IN IN IN

Wallace, Ray
w m 7 at school Jul 1892 IN IN IN

Jones, Hazel
w f 9 at school May 1892 IN IN IN

Jones, Danlion
w f 5 at school Nov 1894 IN IN IN

Jones, Samuel
w m 4 at school May 1896 IN IN IN

Lacer, Birt
w m 9 at school Sep 1890 IN IN IN

Bullock, Claud
w m 10 at school May 1890 IN IN IN

Allen, Flora
w f 8 at school Nov 1892 IN IN IN

Allen, William
w m 11 at school May 1889 IN IN IN

Cutridge, George
w m 11 at school Apr 1889 IN IN IN

Wright, Minnie
w f 9 at school May 1891 IN IN IN

Godby, Simon
w m 11 at school Jan 1889 IN IN IN

*Healdabager, Jerry
w m 9 at school Sep 1890 IN IN IN

Hanior/ Hasior, Herman/ Harmon w m 4 at school Jun 1895 IN IN IN
Warrick County, Indiana - - 1930 Federal Census

Enumeration District Enumeration County Description

87-2 Boonville City, Ward 1, bounded by (N) Main; (E) 3d; (S) Monroe; (W) City Limits, Pine, Walnut, City Limits.
Institution(s): Warrick Co. Orphans Home

Dedicated to  the Memory of Olive Van Bibber Tafel