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My Flanders, Hargrave & McClain Families of Illinois

The Beginning~The Search For Clues

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The Beginning~The Search For Clues
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William H. Hargrave

William is my brick wall and my greatest challenge to date. I have reserched many ancestors but none have eluded me like he does. I know there is a story to be found once I unravel the clues to who and what he was. I have submitted this information to other reserchers and a reporter but none have any information to add. I guess if I'm going to solve this mystery, I'll have to do it on my own.

The following will be a compilation of all my research notes and my cronology of what it all means...........

~The Facts I Started With~

Abner Flanders, my G-G-G-Grandfather married Deborah Hill. Three of his children married Hargraves. His Son Charles married Sarah Hargrave and they are my G-G-Grandparents. His Son John, my G-G-Uncle married Malenta Hargrave and another Daughter, Cynthia Ann, my G-G-Aunt married William M. Hargrave.

William M. Hargrave, His first wife was Cynthia Ann Flanders who was born about 1826 according to the census data. They married on Feb. 6, 1845, according to the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index. They had four children in the 1850 census George, 4; John, 3; Willis, 1; and Mary E., 1 month. Cynthia presumably died between 1850 and 1852 because on March 29, 1853, he married Sarah E. Christian in Gallatin County. From the 1860 census they had one child still living at home, Alice, 7. None of the children from the first marriage appear in the household. William and Sarah had a second child William H. Hargrave who was born about 1861 who was still living at home in the 1870 and 1880 censuses. Sarah must have died at some point after the 1870 census. On April 4, 1876, William married his third wife Martha A. Kitchener and they had Frederick K. Hargrave, who was born in 1879"

~1850~ U.S. Census • Illinois • Gallatin • Equality William HARGRAVE 27 farmer, all b ILCynthia A 24, George 4, John 3, Willie 1, Mary E 1/12William H BLADES 27 farmer KY Malitna 29 IL MalentaAphse? E 1 f, IL aphia?Mary HARGRAVE 18

NOTE : MALENTA NEXT MARRIED William H BLADES b 1822 abt in KY, Children:  Aphia BLADES b 1849 abt in Equality, Gallatin Co, IL

1860 U.S. Census, William HARGRAVES 37 farmer, all b IL Sarah J 24, Alice 7~1860~ > Illinois > WHITE > CARMI P O

Series M653 Roll 236 Page 532 M G McHENRY 52 farmer KY-Loveinda? 51 TN-J W McHENRY 13or23 farmer IL-Hulda M 14, George M 11, Isaiah 14, all b ILAphia BLADES 11 IL- Solomon COATS 28 farmer KY-Harot 25 f, William B 3, John W 1, all b IL-Elijah TRAMMEL 55 IL?


1870 > Illinois > GALLATIN > EQUALITY - Series M593 Roll 224 Page 368 HARGRAVE James 43 family, followed byHARGRAVE William M 47 farmer, all b ILSarah J 41, William 9 WATKINS Alice 16 IL (Marriage 1 UNKNOWN WATKINS) -PRATER Putey? 30 black f domestic IL (From  Further research, Was the slave of Martha Prater)- McKERNAN Thom 15 laborer IL


~1880~ U.S. Federal Census > Illinois > Gallatin > Other Townships > District 18 HARGRAVE William M 56 farm IL KY KY Martha 30 England Eng Eng-William H 19 IL IL IL

1900 > Illinois > GALLATIN > EQUALITY TWP -Series T623 Roll 301 Page 249 HARGRAVE Martha Dec 1846 53 wid 1/1 Eng Eng Eng pension?-Frederick K Jul 1879 20 IL IL Eng

From all the census information I realize that William, Malenta, Mary & James Hargrave all live in close proximity to each other and are often mentioned in research materials together........I desperatly need to prove that they are all siblings but.....whose children are they? and then there is: HARGRAVE, James R. 1827-1905,  wife Sarah L. 1832-1875,  son Charlie 1853-1858, Buried; EQUALITY VILLAGE CEMETERY


George B. Hargrave

HARGRAVE, George B. - Father Willis Hargrave b. 1764, North or South Carolina,  Mother Jane Brown b ABT. 1770

Spouse Lucinda McHenry, b. 21 OCT 1797 in, Logan Co. Kentucky,  d. DEC 1841 in Equality, Gallatin Co. Illinois,  NOTE A search of George's records provide only 2 names out of 9 children. .......So, I have at least 4 children without a Father and George has 7 children who are unamed.......hmmmmm

John Flanders

JOHN FLANDERS, Birth 1820 or bef in Tioga Co, NY, Death 1838 - 1845 in Gallatin Co, IL (May 3, 1842), Marriage Malenta HARGRAVE b 1820 abt in IL, Death 1860 or bef in Gallatin Co, IL

 ~1850~ GALLATIN CO. CENSUS,    Hargrave Carter 52 M B Laborer Va, Hargrave Maletna 52 F B Va.   AND-


SL NENE- 05-10S-08E-3- 39.60- .50- 19.80-MALE- 07/27/1833-UNKNOWN, 814 017-GALLATIN,  AND FROM LDS: CARTER HARGRAVE & SELLY HESKELL, Marriage 14 JUL 1836, Gallatin, Illinois.... NOTE I still haven't figured out who these people are, however, I know there must be a close connection.

Jon Musgave, Reporter and Researcher, researching the history of the Hickory Hill Slave House:  THIS INFORMATION BELOW FROM JON MUSGRAVE,  Concerning the parents of William, Mary and Malenta and possibly James.

The connection may be George B. Hargrave who married Lucinda McHenry in White County on December 20, 1819, according to the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index. George B. was the son of Gen. Willis Hargrave (1764-1846). Lucinda's brother was Martin G. McHenry who had married Lucinda B. Stokes on Nov. 16, 1831, in White Co., Illinois. Lucinda's parents were William McHenry and Hanna Ruth Blackford. I haven't confirmed the parents of William B., Maletna and Mary Hargrave other than that they are most likely siblings. They could easily be the children of Gen. Willis Hargrave. If so, Alphia would have been in the family of her dead uncle's brother-in-law in 1860. She apparently returned to Gallatin County for there is a marriage of an Afehica Blades on Aug. 22, 1869, to John Brown. I think he meant children of George, Willis would be the Grandfather.

NEXT I FIND THIS QUERY, Submitter cally lence ( Date 14 Sep 2000

Hello Looking for any information on the Hargrave family, especially George B. Hargrave and his children, Willis B. and (William M. Hargrave.) They resided near Equality in the early to mid-1800s. Thanks Cally Lence...... I e-mailed this lady but so far have not received an answer.

Nov. 16, 2005, found this message at Genforum

A research group is doing a dig on the George B. Hargrave homestead, they are also doing a Historical overview of Willis Hargrave & his family. They are looking for information on the family, pictures, stories etc... If you can conttribute anything please contact them at the followingAmerican Resources Group, Ltd. 127 N. Washington St. Carbondale, Illinois 62901... (618) 529-2741 or toll-free 1-877-293-6705, ask for Cally or Monica

I sent an e-mail to Jon Musgrave, here is his answer: NOTE NOVEMBER 13, 2005, MESSAGE FROM JON MUSGRAVE REGARDING CALLY LENCE AND MY THEORY

Bev, Got hit by a drunk driver Friday night wielding a shovel. Only got out of the hospital last night. Can't use my left hand. If I don't respond to you in the next few weeks, please email me again. I'm interested in this, but I can't concentrate right now.....BTW, Callie Lence is (/was?) a researcher with American Resource Group out of Carbondale, Illinois. They were researching the old Hargrave homestead for a coal company as part of the work required for obtaining a mining permit.

Sincerely, Jon Musgrave

Then there is the naming pattern of William & Cynthia's children.....

Possibly...George after his Father, Willis after the Grandfather, and Mary after his Sister. One more possible sibling for William (to me at least) is the James in the 1870 Census. And where does Carter fit in.?

Another mystery I'd like to see addressed is the whereabouts of William & Cynthia's children. Are they buried with Cynthia, for that matter, where is William buried? The only cemetery listing I could find for the Hargrave Cemetery was done in the 1970's and at that time only the two graves could be located, if there are more, I would like to know. I've never been able to find death information of any kind on William or the children, if it exists, where is it? I have tried lookups in Illinois but so far no replies.

My last question concerns the five marriage records I found for William....were these all his wives and if so, did they all die, except Martha who outlived William according to the 1900 census.? The marriage dates don't make sense when you look at the census records.......Sarah (E.) fits for the census dates but the census clearly says (Sarah (J.) and the dates also fit for her.....Did Sarah E. die between 1853 and 1857, then did William marry Elizabeth in 1857 and she died in 1857, then he married Sarah J. in 1858?.......She dies prior to 1876 when William marries Martha. And...that would account for all five wives. ALSO, THESE DATES WOULD MAKE SARAH J. THE MOTHER OF WILLIAM H. BORN IN 1861. And Sarah E. could have been the Mother of Alice born in 1853....or Elizabeth (Mary E.) could have died in childbirth with Alice.....How I would like to take a trip and find that cemetery.

Here is my cronology: William marries Cynthia, 1845. 4 children....We need to find these children.......Cynthia dies 1855 according the cemetery records, are the cemetery date wrong as William married Sarah E. 1853, and dies when? Between 1853 & 1857? Did she give birth to Alice, 1853?

William marries Elizabeth Gullick 1857, Mary E. died 1857

William marries Sarah J. 1858, William H. Born in 1861, Sarah dies when?

William marries Martha 1876, one child, Frederick.

William died when?

Martha still living on the 1900 census

Summary of  George B. Hargrave & Lucinda McHenry Children

Child #1. b. abt 1821, is this Malenta?

Child # 2 b. abt. 1823, is this William?

Willis Brown b. 1825, White Co. Illinois

Child # 4 b. abt 1826

Child #5 b. abt 1827, is this James?

Child # 6 b. abt 1828

Child # 7 b. abt 1829

Child # 8 b. abt 1830, is this Mary?

H. M. b. abt 1831


Notes for further research

Posting from Jon Musgrave, Dec. 1, 2000. I'm trying to find the connection between the following persons:

--Leonard W. Hargrave who married Marthaann T. Leavell in Gallatin Co., Illinois, on May 11, 1837.

--Charlotte Hargrave who married William G. Leavell in Gallatin Co., Illinois, on Aug. 17, 1837. William and Charlotte were siblings, children of Edward Leavell and Rosannah H. Wyatt......More names added to the mix. --and Gen. Willis Hargrave (the elder who was the first to move to Illinois, served in the legislature, etc.) Lee Hargrave and his wife was in one household and a Willis Hargrave and his large family lived near the Leavells in the 1830 Census of Gallatin Co. Lee is obviously a generation younger than Willis according to the age ranges marked.

The following Hargrave-Flanders pages will prove that I found almost all the answers to this mystery!

Dedicated to the decsendants of Steven Flanders