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My Flanders, Hargrave & McClain Families of Illinois

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FROM: Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University


English, Welsh, and Irish (of Norman origin): from Old French pourcel ‘piglet’ (Latin porcellus, a diminutive of porcus ‘pig’), hence a metonymic occupational name for a swineherd, or a nickname, perhaps affectionate in tone. This is a common surname in Ireland, having become established there in the 12th century.


1 Nicholas Purcell b: abt 1800 d: 1850 or bef
  + Eleanor Decker b: 1805
    2 Lewis Purcell b: 1827 d: 1885
      + Mary Elizabeth Flanders b: 10 Sep 1833 d: Aug 1921
        3 Melville K. Purcell b: 24 Oct 1859 d: 1920 or aft
          + Ida A. Cox b: May 1861 d: 1920 or aft
            4 Ray Purcell b: Nov 1887
              + Unknown d: 1920 or bef
                5 Ruth F. Purcell  b: abt 1818
            4 Mary R. Purcell  b: Jun 1885
            4 Wayne Purcell b: Nov 1889
        3 Charles Purcell b: Nov 1859
          + Nellie Campbell b: Mar 1868 d: 1930 or aft
            4 Mabel Purcell b: Sep 1890
            4 Rosanna Purcell b: abt 1903
            4 Charles Jr. Purcell  b: abt 1906
            4 Kenneth Purcell b: abt 1909
              + Eva Unknown b: 1909
                5 Jackie Lee Purcell b: Jul 1926 abt
            4 Jesse Purcell b: Mar 1893
              + Effie b: 1896
            4 Carroll Purcell b: Dec 1895
            4 Jennie Purcell  b: Oct 1898
          + Sarah E. Moore d: 1889 or bef
            4 Alvin L. Purcell  b: Aug 1884
            4 William C. Purcell  b: Sep 1886
              + Cora Showers b: Apr 1887
                5 Malcolm Purcell b: 1907
                  + Marie b: 1906
                    6 Malcolm Purcell b: Jul 1925
                    6 Joseph Purcell  b: Nov 1927
                    6 Doris M.  b: Jul 1929
                5 Clute Purcell b: 1909
                5 Louis Purcell b: 1912
                5 Donald Purcell b: 1915
                5 Doris Purcell  b: 1913
                5 William W. Purcell b: Sep 1925
        3 James Allen Purcell  b: Aug 1861 d: 1914
          + Anna Wiseheart b: Feb 1862
            4 Guy Marshall Purcell  b: Dec 1886
              + Mamie E. Wolfe  b: 1886 abt
                5 Alice W. b: 1911 abt
                5 Isabelle C. Purcell  b: 1912 abt
                5 Bernice Purcell  b: 1914 abt
                5 Guy M. Jr. Purcell  b: 1915 abt
                5 James A. Purcell  b: 1921 abt
                5 Jack H. Purcell  b: 1923 abt
                5 Margerite Purcell  b: Oct 1916 abt
            4 Orville W. Purcell  b: Mar 1885 d: bef 1920
              + Ida Lee Breeze  b: May 1887
            4  James Earl Purcell  b: abt 1901
              + Louise  b: 1904 abt
        3 William Lewis b: 1872 d: 1876
    2 Martha Purcell b: 1832
    2 Jesse Purcell b: 1841, d. 22 Feb 1935 in Saline Co, IL
       + Deborah F. Davenport, b. 1846
         3 Luella Purcell b. Sept 1874
         3 Arthur C. Purcell, b. Nov. 1881
    2 Nancy E. Purcell b: 1836
    2 Sarah Purcell b: 1838
    2 Lucy Ann Purcell b: 1842

PURCIL, JAMES A                     
WISEHEART, ANNIE                    
GALLATIN    02/13/1884
MCLANE, FRANKLIN                    
PURCIL, NANCY                       
09/02/1855 GALLATIN
PURCELL, LEWIS                      
FLANDERS, MARY E                    
08/27/1856 GALLATIN

Illinois Statewide Death Index, 1916–1950

PURCELL  ALBERT VERNON   M/W  UNK  0017672 1918-12-13 GALLATIN EQUALITY   18-12-14
PURCELL  DAYLE   M/W  UNK  0017648 1918-11-25 GALLATIN    EQUALITY TWP        18-11-26
PURCELL  MARY  E.  F/W  UNK  0024831 1921-08-02 GALLATIN    EQUALITY                21-08-03

Per Posting:
Submitter: Bettye Jane Purcell (
Date: 22 Nov 1999
Looking for information about;
James Allen Purcell b 1862 d 1914 Gallatin Co.
Lewis Percil (Purcell) b 1837 d 1885 Gallatin Co
William Wiseheart b 1832 Gallatin Co Il d 1928 m Sarah Gill.
Nicholas Percil d 1842 Gallatin Co. Il.
Abner Flanders b 1791 d 1879 Gallatin Co. IL m Deborah Hill.
John Wiseheart b 1790 d 1836 Gallatin Co IL. m Elizabeth Miller.
Richard Gill b 1835 d 1894 Gallatin Co. IL m Julia Thompson.


Nicholas PURCELL & Eleanor DECKER
Lucy MCCLAIN & Oscar Peabody FLANDERS
Frank FLANDERS & Oline Gjermundsdatter LIEN
Opal Audrey FLANDERS & Leslie Ray HILL
Son of Ray & Nine Ray Summers HILL

~Purcell Trivia~
Purcell is usually regarded as an Irish name, though the most famous man so called, Henry Purcell, the composer, was an Englishman. Both English and Irish Purcells are of Norman descent, the latter being found mostly in the contiguous counties of Kilkenny and Tipperary. The picturesque ruined castle of Loughmoe, the seat of the head of the family, is a well-known landmark near Thurles, to be seen from a main line railway between Dublin and Cork. He was known as Baron of Loughmoe, a title conferred by the First Earl of Ormond as Lord of the Palatinate, but this title wa not officially recognized by the Crown. The name is derived from the Norman-French word porcel, which in turn comes from the Latin porcus. Though Norman, the Purcells did not come to Ireland until some years after the Anglo-Norman invasion of 1172, when they became adherents of the great Butler (Ormond) family. In Irish the name is written Puirseil. the Purcells are a good example fo the saying "hiberniores Hibernicis ipsis", for not only are they found as Bishops of Ferns and of Waterford and as Abbots of Holy Cross and St. John's Kilkenny, but also as staunch fighters in the Irish cause: one, Major-General Purcell, though unsuccessful as a military strategist in earlier engagements, was so prominent in the defence of Limerick in 1651 as to be excluded from the favourable terms granted to the defenders generally; and another, Col. Nicholas Purcell, was one of Patrick Sarsfield's right hand men. This Purcell was one of the negotiators of the Treaty of Limerick in 1691. Subsequent to this they were active as Wild Geese both in the regiment known as Purcell's Horse and in Clare's Dragoons etc. Other Purcells worthy of mention are Richard Purcell (c. 1720-1766), who in his day was a celebrated engraver, and John Baptist Purcell (1800-1883), Archbishop of Cincinnati, who was born at Mallow. In connexion with him may be recalled his brother Father Edward Purcell and the dramatic story of the failure of the "Purcell Bank".

Purcell  Census Notes & Additional Data


I am a long way from identifying my Purcell ancestors past Nicholas. In the hope that someone will see this page, read these notes and have additional information is why I'm posting here... below is everything I know to date about this family.

Note: This first census was posted by GrannyToad, another Flanders researcher. I think she may have found a valuable clue to Nicholas' backround and I will post it here as the beginning of my census data for Purcell. If this is indeed our Nicholas then she is probably correct in stating that Nicholas migrated with Abner Flanders from NY. to Illinois.

 1830 census index:
Smith Parcels Cayuta, Tioga, New York
Nicholas Pearsall Cayuta, Tioga, New York *
Isaac Parshall Chemung, Tioga, New York
Ransom Parshall Chemung, Tioga, New York

Note: Per: Morlock Mertle Tree at Rootsweb, found this listing: Isaac Purcell, b. 8 Sep 1803 in NH, Son of Noah Purcell & Sarah DECKER.  


1850 > Illinois > Gallatin > Equality
Roll: M432_107 Page: 405
PURCILL Eleanor 45 NY
Martha 18, Jesse 15, Louis 23, Nancy 14, Sarah 12, Lucy Ann 8, all b IL

1860 > Illinois > GALLATIN > EQUALITY P O
Series: M653 Roll: 180 Page: 1017
3 August
PURSELL Louis 32 farmer NY
Mary 27, Melville 2, Charles 8/12, all b IL
McKENZIE 10 Mary Ireland

1870 > Illinois > GALLATIN > SALINE MINES P O
Series: M593 Roll: 224 Page: 430
PURCELL Lewis 43 farmer NY
Mary 33, Melville 12, Charles 10, James 8, all b IL

1880 Equality, Gallatin, Illinois
Film Number T9-0208 Page Number 485B
Mary 48 IL NH NY
Melvill K 22, Charles C 20, James A 18, all b Ill.


Dist. #4 was South of White Oak and west of N. Fork Creeks. William McCormick 1840‑1936 attended this school, then located S. of road and E. of branch a short distance on first ridge. This on N. line of Section 28. Directors were A. G. Cloud, William Cane & (Nicholas Purcell.)

Nicholas Parcell- HEAD- 6 PERSONS
Cemetery sometimes known as Purcell or Payne. Located in North Fork
Twp. Section 33, T8S R8E. It is SE oŁ the Tom Couser home in the W center
of NW1/4 of the section.

PURCELL, Nicholas d 184? (no stone)

Purcell, Arthur C. 1882-1945, Eva 1886-
James Allen 1861-1912,
Orville W. 1885-1913 son
Muriel Inez 1890-19--,
Charles 1859-1947, wife Nellie 1868-1958
Charles N. WW#2 1905-196

Percil, Lewis 1827‑1885 wife Mary L. 1833‑??  son William Lewis 1872‑1876


Purcell, Jesse J.
77th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
Is this Jesse, Son of Nicholas & Eleanor?

or is this?

Jesse Pursell, Corporal

Company "B" 1st Illinois Cavalry
Enlisted: July 9, 1861
In arrest at Mo. of Regiment

To date I have found 44 soldiers named Purcell who fought in the Civil War from Illinois but have identified none of them as belonging to this family.....

Dedicated to the decsendants of Steven Flanders