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My Flanders, Hargrave & McClain Families of Illinois

Family Documents Page 1

Flanders Pioneers of Aneroid Sask. Canada
My Flanders Ancestors
History of Illinois
The Beginning~The Search For Clues
~The Hargrave & Flanders Connection~
Descendants of Sarah Hargrave & Charles G. Flanders
Descendants of John 1. Hargrave
Flanders~Hill Census Information
My Hargrave Ancestors
Descendants of Nicholas Purcell
Bill of the Personal Property & Probate Files of the Estate of Geo B. Hargrave
Revolutionary War Pension Application ~ Abner Flanders
"The Old Slave House" Hickory Hill, Illinois
Slavery in Illinois
Music in Equality
Favorite Family Photos
Family Photos ~ Page 2
~I Remember Mama~
This Page is Dedicated to Our Daughter Shelly Lee Gillihan
Family Profiles
Flanders Obituary Page
Equality Village Cemetery ~Family Tombstone Photos~
~Mama's Obituary~
Family Burials In Illinois
My McClain Family
Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957) Author
Family Documents Page 1
~Family Documents Page 2~
~Honoring Our Flanders Who Served ~
Honoring Our Hargraves Who Served
McClain Civil War Veterans From Illinois
Family & Friends That I Have Found
The Later Generations

Link to the Illinois Constitution of 1818




Bond -Thomas Kirkpatrick, Samuel G. Morse
Crawford -Joseph Kitchell, Ed N. Cullom

Edwards -Seth Gard, Levi Compton

Franklin -Isham Harrison, Thomas Roberts
Gallatin -Michael Jones, Leo(nard) White, Adolphus Frederick Hubbard

Jackson -Conrad Will, James Hall, Jr.

Johnson - Hezekiah West, William McFatridge

Madison -B. Stephenson, Joseph Burrough, Abraham Prickett
Monroe -Caldwell Carns, Enoch Moore

Pope -Samuel Omelveny, Hamlet Ferguson
Randolph -George Fisher, Elias Kent Kane

St. Clair Co. -Thomas Messinger, James Lemon, Jr., Jepe B. Thomas (President)

Union - William Echols, John Whiteaker

Washington - Andrew Bankson

White -Willis Hargrave, William McHenry

Major William McHenry Family Genealogy

1- William McHenry; b. 10-3-1771, d. 2-3-1835, married between 1792 & 1797   Hannah Ruth Blackford b. 1772,  d. 1844

2-  George McHenry; b. 9-26-1799 Warren County KY,

2-  Henry H. McHenry; married 11-27-1833 Phoebe Rudolph 

 2- William McHenry Jr.; married: 9-18-1832 Louisa A. Johnson 

 2- Martin McHenry; b. 1808 Henderson County KY    

2- Lucinda McHenry; married: 12-20-1819 George B. Hargrave

2- Mary Jane McHenry; married: 1-5-1838 Hugh Lucas

 2- Elizabeth McHenry; married: 9-27-1826 Samuel Gilson

 2- Son, name unknown

William McHenry
William McHenry was born October 3, 1771. In the late 1790’s in Logan County KY he married Hannah Ruth Blackford. John, George, Henry H., William Jr., Martin G., Lucinda, Mary Jane and Elizabeth were the children born from this marriage. There is a reference of another son who may have been killed by Indians.

Around 1810 William, his brother Daniel and their families settled in Illinois on a major trail between Vincenees IN and US Saline’s Illinois Territory. Territorial Governor Ninian Edwards appointed William Captain of the Militia. The 4th Regiment was formed and he and his men daily searched for possible Indian uprising. In KY, William had been a member of Wayne Anthony’s Cornstalk Militia and as Lieutenant in Price’s Battalion of Mounted volunteers he fought at the battle of Fallen Timbers. In the War of 1812 he again was in the service of his country. The Black Hawk War in 1932 found him as a Major in charge of a Spy Brigade in the Mounted Volunteers. William McHenry was mustered out, August 14, 1832 at nearly 61 years of age due to ill health.

A petition, which was signed by William McHenry, was circulated in 1812 asking that Illinois be made a second-class territory. When statehood was confirmed in 1818 he was a delegate to the State Constitutional Convention and elected to the House of the First Session of the General Assembly. From then until his passing he served all but two sessions in the house or senate. Willis Hargrave and William McHenry signed the Constitution of Illinois from White County.

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Dedicated to the decsendants of Steven Flanders