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My Flanders, Hargrave & McClain Families of Illinois

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Original Member
Frank Flanders

The Equality Home Band was organized in the fall of 1904 with eighteen charter members. They were Earl Helm, Al. Beltz, Matt. Wathen, D.W. Grimes, Henry Baldwin, Victor Pearce, A.C. Pickering, Jess Turner, FRANK FLANDERS, O.C. Breeze, Orval PURCELL, James MCLAIN, E.V. Baldwin, J.C. Coyle, C.O. Dempsey, Carl W. Wright, James Dixon and Roland MCHENRY - - - - Mr. Marshall R. Moore was their first instructor and was an ever faithful member until his death.

The Band has known a number of directors since. Those remembered are J.B. Smith, Harry G. Moore, Victor Pearce, Lee A. Stader and Guy E. Malin.

This Band was organized at the suggestion of J.C. Coyle following a visit of the Carrier Mills Band which was engaged to furnish music for the first Equality Industrial Exposition, in (1904). No doubt the bright red uniforms and shiny brass instruments did much to arouse the enthusiasm of the citizens and to promote the idea.

It is interesting to know that one year from the date of the organization of this band, only nine of the original eighteen members remained, but the membership still remained eighteen or more.

Grandpa Frank had a natural musical talent and loved to entertain. He played, trumpet, saxaphone, piano and banjo. He passed his love of music to my Mother, Opal and she too had a natural talent. She never took lessons, couldn't read a note and played by ear. When she was 16 she and her Dad competed in the "Major Bow's Talent Show", the foreunner of the Ted Mack Amatuer Hour. I believe they came in second place..........

The Life of a Star
Opal The Actress

Dedicated to the decsendants of Steven Flanders