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My Flanders, Hargrave & McClain Families of Illinois

Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957) Author
Flanders Pioneers of Aneroid Sask. Canada
My Flanders Ancestors
History of Illinois
The Beginning~The Search For Clues
~The Hargrave & Flanders Connection~
Descendants of Sarah Hargrave & Charles G. Flanders
Descendants of John 1. Hargrave
Flanders~Hill Census Information
My Hargrave Ancestors
Descendants of Nicholas Purcell
Bill of the Personal Property & Probate Files of the Estate of Geo B. Hargrave
Revolutionary War Pension Application ~ Abner Flanders
"The Old Slave House" Hickory Hill, Illinois
Slavery in Illinois
Music in Equality
Favorite Family Photos
Family Photos ~ Page 2
~I Remember Mama~
This Page is Dedicated to Our Daughter Shelly Lee Gillihan
Family Profiles
Flanders Obituary Page
Equality Village Cemetery ~Family Tombstone Photos~
~Mama's Obituary~
Family Burials In Illinois
My McClain Family
Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957) Author
Family Documents Page 1
~Family Documents Page 2~
~Honoring Our Flanders Who Served ~
Honoring Our Hargraves Who Served
McClain Civil War Veterans From Illinois
Family & Friends That I Have Found
The Later Generations


John Colby m. Frances Hoyt
.John Colby m. Sarah Eldridge
.Joseph Colby m. Anne Bartlett
|.Nathan Colby m. Hannah Worthen
| .Ezekiel Colby m. Sally Fowler
| .Nathan Colby m. Eunice Blood
| .Laura Louisa Colby m. Lansford Whiting Ingalls
| .Charles Philip Ingalls m. Caroline Lake Quiner
| .Mrs LAURA INGALLS WILDER (1867-1957), author
.Sarah Colby m. Daniel Flanders
.Judith Flanders m. Samuel Hadley (below)
.Hepzibah Hadley m. Uriah Stone
.Rev George Washington Stone m. Judith Stevens
.Malvina Stone m. Rev William Arthur
.CHESTER ALAN ARTHUR (1830-1886), US President

Nathan COLBY was born 20 Feb 1709 in New Hampshire. He married Hannah WORTHEN.
Hannah WORTHEN was born 26 Jul 1716 in Massachusetts.
Ezekiel COLBY was born 15 Jul 1739 in Rumford, Washington Co, Vermont. He died 7 Dec 1791 in Corinth, Orange Co, Vermont. Ezekiel married Sarah FOWLER. Sarah FOWLER was born 21 Jan 1741 in New Hampshire. She died 10 Aug 1817. Daughter of, Abner FOWLER & Sarah FLANDERS. Sarah FLANDERS was the Daughter of, John FLANDERS & Sarah PRINCE.
Nathan COLBY was born 1782 in Corinth, Vermont. He died 22 Mar 1857 in North Cuba, New York. Nathan married Eunice BLOOD on 21 Jan 1801.
Eunice BLOOD was born 2 Jan 1782 in West Fairlee, Vermont. She died 15 Mar 1862 in North Cuba, New York.
Laura Louisa COLBY was born 5 Nov 1810 in Whiting, Vermont. She died 18 Oct 1883 in Burnett County, Wisconsin and was buried in Orange Cemetery, Burnett County, Wisconsin. Laura married Lansford Whiting INGALLS on 1830.
Charles Phillip INGALLS was born 10 Jan 1836 in Cuba Township, Allegeny Co., New York. He died 8 Jun 1902 in DeSmet, South Dakota and was buried in DeSmet, South Dakota. Charles married Caroline Lake QUINER on 1 Feb 1860 in Concord, Jefferson, Wisconsin.
Caroline Lake QUINER [Parents] was born 12 Dec 1839 in Brookfield Township, Waukesha, Wisconsin. She died 20 Apr 1924 in DeSmet, South Dakota and was buried in DeSmet, South Dakota.
Laura Elizabeth INGALLS was born 7 Feb 1867 in Pepin, Wisconsin. She died 10 Feb 1957 in Missouri and was buried in Mansfield, Missouri. Laura married Almanzo James WILDER on 25 Aug 1885 in DeSmet, Dakota Territory.
Almanzo James WILDER was born 13 Feb 1857 in New York. He died 23 Oct 1949 in Missouri and was buried in Mansfield, Missouri.
Rose WILDER was born 5 Dec 1886 and died 30 Oct 1968.

Dedicated to the decsendants of Steven Flanders