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My Flanders, Hargrave & McClain Families of Illinois

Flanders Pioneers of Aneroid Sask. Canada
My Flanders Ancestors
History of Illinois
The Beginning~The Search For Clues
~The Hargrave & Flanders Connection~
Descendants of Sarah Hargrave & Charles G. Flanders
Descendants of John 1. Hargrave
Flanders~Hill Census Information
My Hargrave Ancestors
Descendants of Nicholas Purcell
Bill of the Personal Property & Probate Files of the Estate of Geo B. Hargrave
Revolutionary War Pension Application ~ Abner Flanders
"The Old Slave House" Hickory Hill, Illinois
Slavery in Illinois
Music in Equality
Favorite Family Photos
Family Photos ~ Page 2
~I Remember Mama~
This Page is Dedicated to Our Daughter Shelly Lee Gillihan
Family Profiles
Flanders Obituary Page
Equality Village Cemetery ~Family Tombstone Photos~
~Mama's Obituary~
Family Burials In Illinois
My McClain Family
Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957) Author
Family Documents Page 1
~Family Documents Page 2~
~Honoring Our Flanders Who Served ~
Honoring Our Hargraves Who Served
McClain Civil War Veterans From Illinois
Family & Friends That I Have Found
The Later Generations

What's New ?
Dec. 7, 2005  ~ Added Military Information for Flanders
Dec. 17, 2005 ~Added content for Hargrave & Davenport
June,    2006 ~ Added Obituary for Opal Flanders Hewit
June    2006 ~ Added Equality  Village Cemetery Photos Page
July 5, 2006~Added  Franklin McLain Information

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Jason Crane's Blog and Flanders Family Newsletter

The Flanders Family from Europe to America

Some families know a great deal about their roots; others know very little. This site is an attempt to record what I've learned about these families histories. I am very proud to be a Flanders kid and I'm especially proud of MY direct Flanders ancestors. They were average people, toiling at average jobs but they were extrordinary human beings who left me with a legacy of love and family values. They are all gone now  but as I look at their photos and tell their stories they live again if only in my memories. This is their story:
The Flanders and Hargrave families of Illinois were close,  they migrated together, lived in close proximity to each other and married into each others families. My search started with my G-G-Grandmother, Sarah Hargrave Flanders and worked backward to include other Flanders, Hargrave Marriages of which I had been unaware. I learned about the salt making industry in Illinois and my ancestors participation in it,  the scandal of the infamous "Slave House" which I learned my William M. Hargrave had purchased in the 1880's and still...... there remain mysteries. I have found 5 marriages for William but have only documented four. Then there is the mystery of William and Cynthia's children.......when and why did they die and where are they buried....?  Initially I had George Hargrave listed with 9 children, only two of them were named. Then I had William, Malenta, Mary and James Hargrave listed but no one knew who their parents were. Thanks to several wonderful people I was able to make the connection that George was indeed the Father of all but James, I have yet to place him. Most of the information I have posted here is the documentation which proves this to be fact. Hopefully, others who have tried to make this connection will find this page.
These lines wouldn't be complete without my McClain and Purcell families and they are represented here as well.....
Special thanks go to: Jon Musgrave, Cally Lence, Bevard Hargrave, Tom McClain, Deb Reagan, Betty Purcell, Kaye Powell and Jason Crane
Without their research to build on this project could never have gotten off the ground.

Mama and I

My Grandfather Frank Flanders
Last Photo

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