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Our Boone line is not directly from Daniel but rather through his Son's Wife, Olive Van Bibber.......
Jesse Bryan BOONE
Son of Daniel & Rebecca Bryan Boone
died at age: 46
Born: 23-May-1773 in: Yadkin River, RowanCo, NC
Died: 1820 in: St. Louis, MO
Spouse: Chloe VAN BIBBER
b. 13-Aug-1772
d. 1816-1867
Married: 1792 in: MO
He married, at age 17, Chloe VanBibber, age 18, daughter of Captain John VanBibber and Chloe Staniford, in September 1792 at Point Pleasant, Kanawha County, Virginia, USA.
Chloe VanBibber, b. 13 August 1772, d. August 1822
Jeremiah Boone, b. 9 January 1793
Harriet Morgan Boone, b. 22 February 1794
She married, at age 25, Hiram H. Baber on Wednesday, 6 October 1819 at Missouri Territory, USA.
Panthea Grant Boone, b. 20 September 1801
She married Lilburn Wycliffe Boggs.
Albert Gallatin Boone, b. 17 April 1806, d. 14 July 1884
He married, at age 23, Ann Reid Hamilton, age 17 on Thursday, 9 July 1829
Albert Gallatin Boone married, at age 45, Kate Phillips on Thursday, 28 August 1851.
Madison Boone,  b. 13 February 1809

Nathan BOONE
Son of Daniel & Rebecca Bryan
Born: 3-Mar-1781 in: Boone's Station, Fayette Co, KY
Died: 16-Oct-1856 in: Ashgrove, Green County,
Occupation: farmer
b. 13-Jan-1783
d. 12-Nov-1858
Married: 26-Sep-1799 in: Little Sandy KY
The daughter of Peter Van Bibber, The bride, said to be the prettiest girl north of the Ohio River, was sixteen and her youthful husband eighteen when, with stout hearts, they started on their great adventure. They traveled by way of Lexington, Louisville and Vincennes to St. Louis, leaving Little Sandy on October first. "Without any company but my husband," said Olive, "I started to Missouri. We had two ponies and our packhorse." One of their ponies became crippled which detained them in Vincennes almost three weeks; they arrived in St. Louis the last of October and went to St. Charles County. The youthful couple crossed the Missouri River in a skiff which also carried all of their possessions; Nathan rowed the boat while Olive steered and by his bridle guided their swimming horse. They settled twenty miles above the town of St. Charles in the Femme Osage District.
James Boone, b. 3 July 1800
He married, at age 40, Polly Allen on Tuesday, 18 August 1840 at Polk County, Missouri, USA.

Delinda Boone, b. 7 February 1802, d. 18 September 1877
She married, at age 17, James Craig, age 33 on Thursday, 29 April 1819 at Femme Osage, Saint Charles County, Missouri Territory.
She was buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, located in Hanover, Jo Daviess County,Illinois
Jemima Boone, b. 17 March 1804, d. 22 July 1877
She married Henry Zumwalt in 1823 at Saint Charles County, Missouri
Susan Boone, b. 8 March 1806, d. 1841
She married, at age 21, Joseph VanBibber, age 30, son of James VanBibber and Jane Irvine, on Sunday, 18 March 1827 at Saint Charles, Saint Charles County, Missouri
Nancy Boone, b. 4 March 1808, d. 22 October 1830
Emilia Boone, b. 22 September 1810
Olive Boone, b. 18 March 1812, d. 1837
She married Philip Lee Anthony in 1831.
Benjamin Howard Boone, b. 15 March 1814, d. 7 February 1866
He married, at age 25, Mary E. Stallard on Thursday, 12 March 1840 at Saint Charles County, Missouri. He was buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery, located in Defiance, Saint Charles County, Missouri.
Susannah Boone
Susannah BOONE, Daughter of Daniel & Rebecca Bryan
Susannah was born 2 (3?) November 1760 at the Boone home on the Yadkin River in North Carolina. In the family Bible her date of birth is given as 3 November 1760 but the date was added at a later time and her actual date of birth is believed to be 2 November 1760. She died 19 October 1800 in St. Charles County, Missouri, only one year after the move from Kentucky. Susannah was buried on the family farm (Spanish Land Grant #1670) in what is now Matson, Missouri in the Missouri River bottoms. The cemetery was washed away by floods and her grave can no longer be found. A small rocking chair passed down in the Hays family and now housed at the Daniel Boone Home in Missouri, is said to have belonged to Susannah. The family says she brought it with her in the Boone's dugout canoe when they all moved from Kentucky.
 Susannah married William Hays in March, 1775 at Fort Blackmore on the Clinch River in Virginia.
He was born in North Carolina on 13 December 1754.  He accompanied Daniel Boone on his first expedition to cut The Wilderness Road into Kentucky. William was a soldier and was well educated. He became a Captain in Captain John Holder's company at Boonesborough in 1779. He and Susannah moved with her parents to Missouri in 1799. William Hayes was killed by James Davis, his son-in-law, on 13 December 1804 in St. Charles County.
Elizabeth Hays , born 12 June 1776 at Fort Boonesborough, Kentucky. [Believed to be the first white child born in Kentucky.] Married; 1797 in Kentucky, Isaac Van Bibber  Elizabeth died 3 August 1828 in Missouri.


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