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Our Gillihan Clan

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~From Indiana to Washington~

Welcome to our Gillihan Family:

This site is the end result of years of research, mine and many others.  The research community is one of willing and helpful people and I think I've met most of them. I've had the pleasure of meeting many "cousins" via the internet and the research community. On the strength of an e-mail message, I've had total strangers on the other side of the country tramp through cemeteries to get me a photo or search through miles of microfilm for a date or name. With their help I've made some amazing discoveries and knocked down a few brick walls. I wish I could name them all and as I add data I will try to give credit where credit is due. One person who I owe much to is Nola Gillihan Webster....Thank you Nola. I will always be grateful for your help and amazing knowledge of anything Gillihan.

With that said, I will now relate the Gillihan's history, as I know it.  Starting with William and working my way down to our present Gillihan family. I will go out of the direct family circle to present the Gillihan Military History page with emphasis on the Civil War which has become a passion of mine.

I hope you find this site interesting and at least a little informative. I will attempt to be as factual as possible but with all research...there are bound to be some errors. Much of the material here has been given to me by other researchers so I can't guarentee 100% accuracy. If you find errors or have information to add, please contact me, all suggestions and corrections are welcome. Thank you for visiting our family.

Also included are our Other family lines, Van Bibber, Tafel, Kirves, Boone & Yoakum

Bev Gillihan



I will reserve this section of this page for "Updates"

Please don't expect the latest photo of Aunt Millie though.......this is for momentous, earth shaking breakthroughs only.


Corporal Elmer A. Gillihan

Elmer Austin Gillihan


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

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Dedicated to the Memory of Elmer Austin Gillihan