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The Boone Family Emigrants of 1846:

The branch of the Boone family that emigrated to Oregon was led by Daniel's Grandson, Alphonso Boone. Moving West seems to have run in the family, as Alphonso "westerned" at least three times in his life. In 1841, he set up shop in Independence, MO. outfitting fur traders and caravans on the Sante Fe Trail. From 1843 to 1845 he cashed in on a new source of business; emigrants bound for Oregon and California. in 1846 he headed West with 7 of his children, his Sister, Panthea Boone Boggs and her Husband, Liburn W. Boggs, former Govenor of Missouri.

The Boones with their eleven wagons joined a California bound wagon train which they expected to stay with to Fort Hall. Lilburn Boggs wanted to be the captain of the train, but he lost the election by a landslide to one, William H. Russell.

On August 8th at Fort Hall the Boones met a man promoting a new route, this one leading to Oregon's Willamette Valley. Boone decided to take a chance on the new road known as the Southern route or the Applegate Trail. This proved to be a mistake. The Indians were extremely hostile to the overlanders.
As winter set in and threatened to strand the travelers, the emigrants began throwing away everything they could to lighten their wagons. They cached everything of value in hope of returning later but the Indians dug up and stole everything but a few items of clothing. The Boone's lost everything that they couldn't carry out including a compass and surveying instruments belonging to Daniel Boone.

It was Christmas time when the Boones finally reached the settlements in the Willamette Valley. The Boones established a ferry on an old Indian trail.

When word of the gold strikes in California reached Oregon in 1848, Alphonso and his boys headed South to make their fortune in the gold fields.

On Feb. 1, 1850, Alphonso died at Long Bar's of an illness he contracted in the gold fields. The Ferry established by the Boones operated for 107 years, being shut down in 1954.



LAZARUS VANBEBER — Among the many pioneers of Benton County, there are none more highly respected than this early argonaut of King’s Valley, having arrived in that beautiful place where the whole valley lay in its virginity and the feet of white man had hardly tread upon it —— his was among the first to press it. Mr. Vanbeber was born in Clayton county, Tennessee, February 27, 1807. At the age of twenty-one years he emigrated to Illinois, where he followed farming until the spring of 1846, when, with his family and mule teams, he crossed the plains to Oregon, and to Benton County, taking up his donation claim in King’s Valley



Emigrants To Oregon In 1847

YOCUM, Abel: s/o Jacob and Mary (Booth) Yocum

YOCUM, Elijah: s/o Jacob and Mary (Booth) Yocum

YOCUM, Franklin: s/o Jacob and Mary (Booth) Yocum

YOCUM, George W.: s/o Jacob and Mary (Booth) Yocum

YOCUM, Hathaway (1831-1889): m'd THARP, Mary; may be emigrant of 1850; s/o Jacob and Mary (Booth) Yocum

YOCUM, Jesse: s/o Jacob and Mary (Booth) Yocum

YOCUM, Rebecca: d/o Jacob and Mary (Booth) Yocum

YOCUM, Sarah: d/o Jacob and Mary (Booth) Yocum

YOCUM, Stephen: s/o Jacob and Mary (Booth) Yocum

YOCUM, Thomas Jefferson (1828-1909): m'd 1851 THARP, Elizabeth; s/o Jacob and Mary (Booth) Yocum; father of 10 children
Jacob Yocum
Son of: George b. 7 Dec 1763 in Hardy Co., (W) Va and Rebecca Powell, (daughter of Joseph
and Christian Powell of Hampshire Co., (W) Va.
"Jacob Yocom b. 15 Nov 1787 in a blockhouse at Bryant's Station...during an Indian uprising. He married Mary Booth, daughter of Samuel Booth,
12 Nov 1810 in Boubon Co., KY. Jacob was a Private in Thomas Speed's Co, 2nd Reg, KY Infantry in the War of 1812. Jacob and Mary moved first to St. Clair Co., Ill, then to Marion Co., IL in 1827. In 1828 they moved to Sangamon Co., Ill, where he died 8 Mar 1848. Mary Booth Yocom (born 11 FEb 1791 in Bourbon Co, KY) went with her son James P. and her son-in-law, William S. Hussey to Oregon in the spring of 1851. They arrived there 4 Oct 1851.
(Oregon Donation Land Claim #2423 for James P. Yocom.) Mary died 23 Dec 1864 ...
[bur:Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Polk Co, OR."]



Dedicated to the Memory of Elmer Austin Gillihan