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Our Gillihan Clan

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Albert & Mary Tafel Descendants

Albert Tafel
Civil War Uniform


Our TAFEL family begins with Albert Tafel and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Wolf.
Nothing is known about Albert or Mary's early life although we can speculate about some things.
Albert was born in Germany, May 12, 1832. He and two of his brothers immigrated to America abt. 1850 and settled in Tell City, Indiana. On October 30, 1856 he married Mary Elizabeth Wolf who was born, December 17, 1837.
Children of Albert & Mary:
1. Louis Tafel -b- Aug. 24, 1857 -d- Jan. 2, 1936 -m- (1) Mary Pinstrup in 1884
(2)Kate Betz in 1885 (3)Katherine Reich in 1890. They lived in Tell City, Indiana.
2. GEORGE TAFEL -b- June 15, 1860 -d- Oct 22, 1941 -m- May 26, 1881, Amelia Freda Kirves (parents of HENRY TAFEL)
-b- Sept. 16, 1860 -d- March 22, 1931 (Daughter of: Heinrich Gotfried Kirves & Amelia Kaiser.
3. Albert Tafel Jr. -b- 1861 -d- July 1, 1869
4. Tafel -b- Feb. 29, 1864 -d- Dec. 5, 1881. (never married) Killed in coal mining accident.
5. Mary Elizabeth Tafel -b- Aug. 22, 1867 -d- Jan. 8, 1941 -m- Peter Berg Aug. 7, 1883
Children of Henry & Olive:
1. Carl Tafel -b- Oct. 6, 1906 -d- July 9, 1967 -m- Lulabelle Walden
2. Gilbert Tafel -b- Jan. 1, 1913 -d- March 1983 -m- (1) Eloise Wade (2) Viola Farmer
(3) Maggie Bevins (4) Velma Brackett (5) Katherine Henry
3. DOROTHY TAFEL -b- April 30, 1919 (still living) -m- (1) Elmer Austin Gillihan (2) John Albert Nyhuise
4. Martha Tafel -b- March 21, 1922 (still living) -m- Oct. 29, 1938 James Adcox

Grandpa GEORGE TAFEL was our family character! He drank too much, told
outrageous tall tales and was a bit of a scoundrel, but,
everyone who knew him agrees, he was a lovable character. He was an avid hunter, traveling anywhere that promised abundant game. The following is just one of many stories about our George:
One day, while walking past a local market in Evansville, George was struck by the beauty of a wheelbarrow full of cabbage sitting on the sidewalk. He walked past, turned and walked back, all the while wrestling with the demons which had taken hold of his senses. George lost the battle of wills with himself and before he knew it.....he was wheeling that precious cargo down the street toward home. He had only been home a few minutes when there was a knock at the door. Peeking out through the curtained window, George's worst fear was realized.....The police had already tracked him down. Now, we said he was a scoundral but we didn't say he was stupid and you have to give him credit for quick thinking in a dangerous situation. He had a plan! George quickly ran to his wife's closet and choosing a dress and bonnet, proceeded to change clothes. Wearing this dress, bonnet pulled down low over his face, he walked out the door, nodded his head in greeting to the policemen and walked right on down the street.
I guess it didn't take the local law enforcement long to realize they'd been duped and before long, George was taken into custody. He ended up in the Indiana State Prison for that stunt. Finally fed up with her husband's foolish ways, Amelia divorced George while he was serving his sentence. When he was released his charm won her over again though and they re-married soon after
When he got older Grandpa George mellowed. He slowed down on his drinking, bought a little farm on the outskirts of town and he and Amelia went on with their lives. When Amelia died in 1931 George was devastated. She had been a loyal and loving wife and he just couldn't adjust to life without her. Eventually he met a lady who he was fond of and she went to live with him. He began drinking again and when he drank he was difficult and his new living arrangement wasn't working out. He finally sold his farm and shared the proceeds with his new love. She stayed with him until his share of the money was gone and then she was too. With no money and no home George was forced to live with his daughter Olive's family until his death in 1941.


Name: Albert Tafel
Age: 44
Estimated birth year: <1836>
Birthplace: New York
Occupation: Laborer
Relationship to head-of-household: Self
Home in 1880: Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana
Marital status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Spouse's name: Mary Tafel
Father's birthplace: GER
Mother's birthplace: GER

Louis Tafel (Albert Tafel, Mary Tafel
Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN <1858> Indiana Son
George Tafel (Albert Tafel, Mary Tafel)
Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN <1860> Indiana Son
Frank Tafel (Albert Tafel, Mary Tafel)
Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN <1863> Indiana Son
Lizzie Tafel (Albert Tafel, Mary Tafel)
Evansville, Vanderburgh, IN <1867> Indiana Daughter

Tafel Albert
Died: Veterans Hospital, Marion, Indiana
AGE: 73-0-0
DIED: 12/29/1967
BURIED: 01/02/1968

George & Amelia Kirves Tafel
Son of Albert & Mary

Henry Tafel
Son of George & Amelia, Husband of Olive Van Bibber

Dedicated to the Memory of Elmer Austin Gillihan