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The Van Bibber family that was the first to settle in the New World was the family of Isaacs Jacob Van Bibber who came to Philadelphia in 1687. He came to America to prepare the way for his parents and the rest of the family that would soon follow. The Van Bibbers were residents of Krefeld (now Germany) and had been persecuted in Europe because they were followers of Menno Simons. Other Mennonites from Krefeld had come to Philadelphia in 1684 at the invitation of William Penn including Herman op den Graff, who was the husband of two of the sisters of Isaacs Jacob. Isaacs Jacob Van Bibber moved to Germantown (now a suburb of Philadelphia) and was engaged in commerce.
It was not long before the rest of the family immigrated to Germantown and resided there and in Philadelphia until moving to Cecil County Maryland. While in Germantown the family got involved in a religious dispute and perhaps that is what caused the migration to Maryland.
 was born 1640 in Duchy of Cleves, and died September 1705 in Cecil Co, MD. He married Christina Unknown, b. ca. 1640, d. 4 Sept. 1711, Cecil Co., MD.  
Deborah Van Bibber, b. ca. 1660, d. ?, m. (1) Herman op den Graff, m. (2) Dirk Keyser, aft 1704
Henry Van Bibber, b. ?. d. Aft 1729, Cecil Co., MD,  m. Catherine Bougard
Lisbet Isaacs Van Bibber m. Herman op den Graff
Margaryte Van Bibber, m. J. Bool
Matthias Jacobs Van Bibber m. Hermana Peterson m. 7 Nov. 1705, Cecil Co., MD
Isaac Jacob Van Bibber, b. ca. 1661, d. 1722/23, m. Fronica/Veronica "Frances" Schumacher, daughter of Peter and Sarah Hendricks) Schumacher. m. 28 May 1690, Maryland
Gen 1: Abraham Graieff was born in 1490
Gen 2: Herman Isacaks Op Den Graeff was b. Nov 26, 1585 in Aldekerk, Germany, and died Dec 27, 1642 He married Greitjen Pletjes of Kempen, Germany on Aug.16, 1605. She was the daughter of Driessen (Andreas) Pletjes and Alet Gobels Syllys. She was born Nov 26, 1588 and died Jan 7, 1643 . They had 18 children, including: Trinken, Hester, Abraham, Trinken, Hallerkin, Isaac, Jacob, Alletjen, Dirck, Alletjen, Andreas, Fricken, Susanna, Andreas, and Jacob.
Gen 3: Isaac, b. Feb 28, 1616, m. Grietjen Pieters, d. Jan 17, 1679. His four children: Herman Isacks, m. Liesbet Isacks van Bebber and Debora van Bebber, d. 1701; Derick Isacks, m. Noleken Vijten (Scherkes?) on Mar 20, 1681, d. before May 24, 1697, no children; Abraham Isacks, b. ca. 1660, m. Catharine (Trijnte) Jansen in Aug, 1679, d. Mar 1731; Margriet, m. Pieter Schumacher, Jr., on Feb 6, 1697, d. Jul, 1748.
Note: Greitjen op den Graeff, mother of the four children in Germantown, died soon after arrival in Germantown. Herman, her son wrote, "My mother died in Philadelphia on the 19th of November, and was buried in that place". The Original Germantown Families, Robert F. Ulle, Mennonite Family History 1983, P 50.
Nathan Boone Van Bibber,
son of David C.R. Van Bibber and Jane (Williams) Van Bibber, was born February 24th, 1838; departed this life August 16th, 1928, age 90 years, 5 months and 23 days. Nathan Boone Van Bibber was untied in marriage to Sarah H. Mayes in the year 1867. He was a Civil War veteran, belonging to the 22nd regiment of West Virginia Confederate Volunteers. His remains were laid to rest in the Whisler cemetery.
Dr. Claude Van Bibber
Born at Baltimore, June 27, 1853. A.B., Georgetown University, 1874; M.D., University of Maryland, 1877; Founder, Dispensary for Nervous Diseases, October, 1878, and Orthopaedic Surgeon there, 1878-90; Visiting Physician, St. Agnes Hospital, 1878-93, and to the Home of the Friendless, 1881-; Visiting Surgeon, St. Joseph's Hospital, 1895-. 9 East Read Street, Baltimore.

Moses H. Van Bibber is a well known agriculturist of Huntsville township, Reno county, Kansas and the success which he has achieved is the merited reward of his own labor. He has worked his way steadily upward, overcoming all the difficulties and obstacles in his path by determined purpose, and to-day he is recognized as one of the most substantial citizens of the community, his labors having brought to him a handsome competence. Van Bibber was born in Nicholas county, West Virginia. in the 7th of February, 1828, of which county his father, David C.R. Van Bibber, was also a native. The latter held the rank of captain in the militia. The grandfather of our subject, Mathias Van Bibber, was the first white male child born in a fort in Greenbrier county, West Virginia, and he held the rank of captain in the militia, while his father, John Van Bibber, served as a colonel therein.
Noah Bryson VanBibber can be located on the 1850 census of Warren Co., MO. as a 24 year old son living in the home of his parents Solomon and Mary Jane VanBibber. Noah married Elizabeth Carter on October 25, 1853 in St. Charles Co., MO. Noah and Elizabeth were recorded on the 1860 census of Warren County. They eventually settled in Lyon Co., KS.

Gabriel J. VanBebber (29 Dec 1822 - 10 Mar 1880)  married Mary Stinnett (15 Jun 1822 - 15 Feb 1897) and both are buried in Knoxville cemetery, Knoxville, Ray Co., MO. Gabriel can be located on the 1850 - 1870 census of Ray Co., MO. were married about 1841/42.

Peter VanBebber  (25 Dec 1798 - 17 May 1873) was recorded on the 1840 - 1870 census of Ray Co., MO. Peter married three times: Martha Hunt, Sarah Grimes, and a widow, Mrs. Mary D. Lamb. (maiden name unknown). Peter is buried in Knoxville cemetery, Knoxville, Ray Co., MO.

Solomon  Van Bibber  ( 1804 - 6 Oct 1870)  married Mary Jane Bryson on January 3, 1826 in Greenup Co., KY. Solomon was located on the 1840 - 1870 census of Warren Co., MO. Solomon and Mary are buried in Mt. Airy cemetery Warren Co., MO.

James D. Van Bibber   the son of Joseph and Susan (Boone) Van Bibber, and was born May 3, 1828, in Liberty, Clay county, Missouri. In 1882 his parents moved to Randolph county, Arkansas, where they died, leaving James D., our subject, still a child. In 1844 he came with his grandfather, Daniel Boone, to Greene county, Missouri, and settled on a farm near Ash Grove. He worked upon a farm, and saved money enough to give himself a good common school education. He taught school several terms, two in 1849, and one in the winter of 1850. In May, 1850, he sold goods for Alfred Stealey, at Cave spring, which position he held until Mr. Stealey's death in 1853. Mrs. Stealey then gave Mr. Van Bibber entire control of the store until 1866, when he bought the stock of goods from her, and ran it on his own account until 1860. He was married February 28, 1854, to Caroline, daughter of Alfred and Lucinda (Brower) Stealey.

Rhoda Van Bibber~

Rhoda, the attractive daughter of John Van Bibber, 19 years of age and possessed of an abundant suit of auburn hair, was killed by Indians in 1787 and her brother, Joseph, was taken prisoner. The girl was scalped and her scalp with its long red hair was taken to Detroit and the British commander of the fort there paid the Indians a bounty of $60 for it. Joseph said afterwards that he saw many barrels filled with scalps of women and children during the years of his captivity. 


Walter Van Bibber:
Walter was born on June 19, 1919 in Vanderburgh County, the Son of, Elza Curtis VanBibber and Helen Ethel Luttrell. Walter died Feb. 10, 1981 and is buried in St. Joseph cemetery, Evansville, IN.

Elza Curtis VanBibber (14 Dec 1874 - 12 Oct 1942)
Elza was the son of Ratliff Boone VanBibber and Rachel Marquis. married Helen Ethel Luttrell (25 Sep 1883 - 12 Jan 1960) on January 8, 1900 in Alexandria, Virginia. Helen was the daughter of William Luttrell and Ida Ferguson. Both are buried in Park Lawn cemetery, Evansville, IN. Ratliff Boone Van Bibber was born in 1848, the Son of, Jonathan and Nancy VanBibber. Ratliff married Rachel on May 6, 1867 in Warrick Co. IN. Ratliff Boone Van Bibber, served in the 143rd Regiment of Indiana Volunteers during the Civil War as follows: Volunteer Enlistment, February 1, 1865, at Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana, for period of three years(muster records list one year enlistment), as a private: Ratliff B. Vanbibber, born Vanderburgh County, Indiana, 18 years old, farmer. He was listed on Company Muster Rolls as present in Company I, 143 Regiment Indiana Infantry, from that date until he was listed as having deserted from Ft Donaldson on 9/13/65, along with a U.S. Springfield rifle and accoutrements valued at $23.32. The Descriptive Roll identified him physically as gray eyes, light hair, fair complexion and 5 ft, 5 inches in height. Ratliff died on Jan. 5, 1900 and is buried in James cemetery in Vanderburg Co. with no tombstone to mark his burial site. If family history is accurate, Ratliff was a man of personal courage. Perhaps at only 5 foot five inches in height he had to assert himself. His last job was carrying large sacks of potatoes over his shoulder from the fields around Evansville. From this he contracted cancer in his arm and as it progressed they performed multiple amputations, starting with his hand. When they amputated the hand it was clinched. They buried it. Later he complained of pain in that hand and insisted that they dig it up and open the clenched fist. They did and the pain stopped.
Elza was the son of Ratliff Boone VanBibber and Rachel Marquis. 
Ratliff married Rachel on May 6, 1867 in Warrick Co. IN.  On the 1870 census Ratliff and Rachel are living with the William Cornwell family in Henderson Co. KY. Listed is a daughter Ella age 7, and Edward age 1.  Now comes the question, was Ella the daughter of Ratliff or was Rachel previously married, or is her age listed incorrectly? I think, and I say think, her age is wrong.  If I have her identified correctly, she was Mary (Marie) Ella and was born in 1867, the same year Ratliff and Rachel were married.  This Mary Ella shows up on the 1900 census of Vanderburgh Co. as Marie E. William and listed as a widow.  She has a son John Wesley, James E., and David P. William(s).  Also living with them is Ida VanBibber age 19, a sister to Mary.  The son, Edward VB on the 1870 census, may have died young as he does not show up with his mother on the 1880 census.

Now to the 1880 census where it lists Rachel - 36 and divorced, Mary E. - 17, Louisa - 7, Elza - 5, and Rachel 9/12.  You will notice it states Rachel is divorced and Ratliff does not live with them.  I know Rachel and Ratliff did divorce, but according to the Vanderburgh County divorce records this did not happen until October 25, 1883.  It is obviously they are not living together but I can't explain the divorce on the 1880 census.  Ratliff is listed on the 1880 census as "R.B. VanBibber" working as a farm hand on the farm of Daniel Akin. (Atkin)? in Vand. Co.  It also states he is single, but we know
different.  I strongly believe, the daughter Rachel 6/12 on the 1880 census is the same Ida - 19 on the 1900 census with her sister Mary E.  She was probably Rachel Ida or vice versa.  Now you can see why I state Elza was the son of Rachel Marquis. Ratliff did marry a second time and it was to Ida on Sep. 15, 1891 in Pike Co. IN.  Remember the wife of Elza was Helen Luttrell the daughter of Ida Ferguson.  What appears has happened here, Ratliff married Ida and her daughter Helen married Ratliff's son Elza.  Basically stepbrother and sister married each other. Ratliff died on Jan. 5, 1900 and Ida is living with Elza and Helen on the 1900 census in Madison Co. IN.  Ida is listed as a VanBibber and the relationship to Elza as being his mother.  She is listed as a VB because she had married one and actually was a stepmother and mother-in-law to Elza.  Ida is also living with Elza and Helen on the 1910 census of Kanawha Co. WV  but her last name is listed as Selbe (sp) and she once again is a widow.  Sometime bewteen 1900 and 1910 she married once again and her third husband died.
Ratliff died on Jan. 5, 1900 and is buried in James cemetery in Vanderburg Co. with no tombstone to mark his burial site.  I know the book on Vanderburg Co. cemeteries states he died Jan. 5, 1899 but further research indicates it was actually 1900.  The fact Jan. 5th was only five days into the new year I believe someone still had 1899 on their mind.  I do not know what happended to Ida after 1910 and my records indicate Rachel died on Sep. 26, 1893.
From David W. Van Bibber:  As far as understanding why he deserted this is my reasoning based on what I have pieced together of his character and personality. He joined in February 1865 when he was young and ready to fight, but the war was coming to a close and was far away. Two months later(April 9th) the war was over but he spent five more months marching through Kentucky and Tennessee in areas where some battles had occurred early in the war, but now he was just part of an occupation army. Finally, in September 1865, at Fort Donaldson, which was in north central Tennessee, just a few miles from Kentucky, and only about 150 miles from Evansville, he could not see spending another five months of this, so he just went home. I don't know what he did with the "Springfield rifle and accoutrements" but I sure wish he had kept them in the family. They would be worth a lot more than $23.32 today and a lot more than that in sentimentally to the family.

Now to the parents of Ratliff Boone VanBibber. 
Ratliff shows up on the 1850 census of Vand. Co. as a 2 year old son with his parents Jonathan and Nancy VanBibber.  Jonathan married Nancy Criswell (Chriswell) on December 9, 1844 in Vand. Co.  Also on this census is daughter Louisa - 4, and an infant son - 2/12 months.  Living in the home is also Andrew Jackson VB - 15, S.P. (male) -11, Elizabeth - 20 and another infant male 2/12 months.  I'm not sure of the relationship of the last four to Jonathan and Nancy since they were married in 1844 and they couldn't be their children.  On this particular census it states Jonathan was born in the state of Ohio.
I have failed to locate Jonathan and Nancy on the 1860 census and believe they are both desceased as of this date.  I say this because Ratliff - 12, is living with Isaac VanBibber and his wife Missouri Ann Sutton on this census. Isaac was the younger brother of Jonathan therefore he was an uncle to Ratliff.  Also living in the same home is Jacob VanBibber age 77 years.  This is Jacob which appears to be the father of both Jonathan and his brother Isaac.  Where is Louisa and the baby male boy (Isaac), siblings of Ratliff that were on the 1850 census?  They are living with their aunt Olive VanBibber Lenn in Warrick County, IN.  Olive married Josiah Lenn on May 26, 1831 in Vand. Co. and had five sons of her own.  I don't know when Jonathan and Nancy died but I believe the only children they had where Louisa, Ratliff, and Isaac.  If there where others, I don't know of them. 
Louisa VB the sister of Ratliff married Thomas B. Alexander on March 12, 1865 in Warrick Co.  I also have in my records where Ratliff's brother Isaac married (1st) Eliza Hensholder on October 4, 1873 in Vand. Co. and they were divorced on June 13, 1881.  On the same day his divorce was final, Isaac married (2nd) Marie (Mollie) Shaefer also in Vand. Co.
Then there is the marriage may of been another marriage of Jonathan to a Polly. This may be the marriage of Jonathan VanBibber to Polly Phillips on January 23, 1834 in Warrick Co.  The marriage on the web site reads 1843 but that is incorrect as it was 1834.  I'm sure Darrell will correct it now that it has been brought to his attention.  This could of very well been the first marriage of Jonathan since he would of been about twenty at the time.  This may explain the Andrew Jackson - 15, and S.P. VanBibber - 11, on the 1850 census with Jonathan.  They may of very well been from his marriage to Polly if this turns out to be the fact.  Either way, Ratliff was the son of Nancy since her and Jonathan were married in 1844 and Ratliff was born after their marriage.

This takes us to the parents of Jonathan VanBibber.
I have a family group sheet listing ten of his children but the FGS has no documentation on it identifing the source and the work is not my own.  Who did Jacob marry, your guess is good as mine?  I've been working on these VanBibbers for the last ten years and have never came across a
marriage of a Jacob that would fit in this time frame.  I know a lot of the VB researchers and if someone has this marriage, then it has never been shared with me.  I strongly believe he married somewhere in Ohio as that is where the children I have listed of his as being born.  There is one item which you must be aware of and it has always given me concern.  There is a Jacob on the 1850
census of Vand. Co. and he is listed as being 61 years and born in PA.  Living with him is Lucinda -19, and Martha - 16.  This is the one living one dwelling away from (son) Isaac and William.  On the 1860 census the Jacob is listed at 77 years and born in KY. and is living with Isaac.  I believe this is the same individual and if it is, which I hope, your guess is as good as mine as to where and when he was born.  I also believe this is the same Jacob mentioned in the estate settlement of Peter VanBibber who died there in Vand Co. in 1838.  He is listed as the only living heir of the above Peter.
Last, I would like to thank Evelyn Phingston Dismore and Virginia Aldridge who I have been working closely with in documenting the VanBibbers of Vanderburgh County.  Both descend from these lines and live in or near Evansville.

Gary R. Hawpe.......San Diego, CA.
All  above research and comments re Jonathan:  Source; Gary R. Hawpe.......
Flora Obenia STEWART, b 6 Dec 1873 Warren Co, KY md John VanBIBBER b 17 Jan
1864, Knox Co, IN on 30 Sept 1895 in Evansville. He died 12 Aug 1912 and is buried in Oak Hill in Evansville. His parents were Ike and Missouri Sutton VanBibber. I have a copy of the supplemental record of marriage transcripts from Evansville, which show his father as "I" and mother as M Sutton, he was 31 years old. (John's name is spelled VanBipper on the marriage license) He & Flora were the parents of Irene A. who md Grover C. VanMeter and Earl Cleveland who md Lucille Barton, Flora had a child prior to her marriage to John VanBibber; the birth of their son, Earl was recorded under the name of "Beverage", father's name Jno and mother -----Steward, 23 Jan 1902 (which is the known date of Earl's birth).
John and Flora BEVERS are on the 1900 census of Evansville, from the soundex  it is E.D. 114, sheet 2, line 82. In 1904 in Simpson Co, KY as part of the settlement of her grandfather, J.C. Stewart, she as Flora Bevers and her husband, John Bevers, along with others deeded their share of the property of her grandfather. John died 11 Aug 1912 as John P. VanBibber; his death record says that his father was Ike VanBibber and mother Missouri Sutton. When Flora remarried to Charles Schnell in 1915 she md him as Flora VanBibber. Their son, Earl applied for his marriage license in 1922 as Earl VanBiber. 



The 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Indiana, Warrick County, Boon Township, Boonville City, Ward 4 (ED-147, Page 194 B, Line 79) has the following person in the "Orphan's Home" at 322 Locust Street: Vanbiber, Raymon, white, male, 11 years old, born December 1889 in Indiana, and both parents born in Indiana. His relation to head of the "head of the family" (Matron of Home) appears to read "Dep".
Ten years later on April 15, 1910 in Portsmouth, Virginia, at the U.S. Navy Yard (ED-101, Page 28 A, Line 49), the Census Enumerator recorded the following Sailor in the U.S. Navy: Vanbibber, Ray J., white, male, twenty something years old (hard to read but appears to be 21), born in Indiana and parents born in Indiana. The "head of the family" is reported as William F. Halsey, Jr., 27 years old, who later became Fleet Admiral and famous in WWII as "Bull Halsey".
Raymond J. Van Bibber was the son of William Albert VanBibber and Mary Ann Sutton. William was the son of Isaac VanBibber and Missouri Ann Sutton. It appears all the children of William and Mary were orphaned out. Raymond was living in New Madrid County, Missouri on the 1920 census in the home of Elza and Elizabeth Moser. He is listed as a boarder and his occupation was a tie maker. This is no doubt a railroad tie maker. It states he and his parents were all born in Indiana. I don't ever recall finding him on the 1930 census.




Indiana Van Bibber Vital Stats:
Albert VanBibber to Ann Mary Sutton, Thursday, July 8, 1880
Delila Vanbibber to John Strong,  10 Nov 1842 Vanderburgh
Ethel Vanbibber to Crow, 1900
Isaac Van Bibber to  Missouri Ann Sutton,  10 Feb 1856 Vanderburgh
John Van Bibber to Flora Stewart,  30 Sep 1895 Vanderburgh
Jonathan Van Bibber to Nancy Chriswell 09 Dec 1841 Vanderburgh
Lillian Van Bibber to  Sigmundnd Eichel,  03 Sep 1903 Vanderburgh
Lucinda Van Bibber to Joseph Coker,  06 Feb 1851 Vanderburgh
Martha J. O. Van Bibber to Michael J. Sutton , 03 Jan 1861 Vanderburgh
Margaret Van Bibber to Peter Ising,  11 Sep 1867 Vanderburgh
Mathias Van Bibber to Sarah Bristol,  20 Aug 1854 Vanderburgh
Ollie (OLIVE) Van Bibber to  Henry Tafe, l 06 Jan 1906 Vanderburgh
Peter Van Bibber to Lavinia Phillips,  08 04 Oct 1836 Vanderburgh
Peter Van Bibber to Sarah Jane Chancellar, 01 Apr 1847 Vanderburgh
Peter Van Bibber to Sarah C. Tucker,  25 May 1864 Vanderburgh
Sarah Van Bibber to Joshua Wheele r,  Vanderburgh
William Van Bibber to Vienna Sutton,  30 Aug 1857 Vanderburgh
Artie M. Vanbibber to Geo W. Southwell,  07 Jun 1911 Warrick
Jonathan Vanbibber to  Polly Phillips,  23 Jan 1843 Warrick
Helea (HELEN) E. Luttvull (LUTTRELL)  to E. C. Van Bibber (Elza Curtis)
Rachel Vanbeeber to Samuel Kincart,  23 Dec 1828 Ripley
Sarah Vanbeber to John Yocam,  22 Jan 1825 Ripley

Dedicated to  the Memory of Olive Van Bibber Tafel