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~ Our Van Bibber Family From Indiana~

~Descendants of Jacob Van Bibber & Unknown~

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~Descendants of Jacob Van Bibber & Unknown~
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Little is known about Jacob.  It is hard to believe that Jacob and his Wife could have had 13 children and her identity could remain a mystery, however, as of this writing, we have no idea who she may have been.
There is a Jacob on the 1850 census of Vand. Co. and he is listed as being 61 years and born in (PA.)  Living with him is Lucinda -19, and Martha - 16.  This is the one living one dwelling away from (son) Isaac and William.  On the 1860 census the Jacob is listed at 77 years and born in (KY.) and is living with Isaac.  I believe this is the same individual and if it is, which I hope, your guess is as good as mine as to where and when he was born.  I also believe this is the same Jacob mentioned in the estate settlement of Peter VanBibber who died there in Vand Co. in 1838.  He is listed as the only living heir of the above Peter.
Source: Gary Hawpe
Jacob 7 Van Bibber (Peter 6, Peter 5, Peter 4, Isaac Jacobs 3, Jacob Isaacs 2, Isaac1) b. 1783, d. after 1860 in Indiana. Married: Unknown
1. Rachel, b. 1810, Ohio, d. after 1860, Indiana, Married: Samuel Kincart, December 23, 1828 in Ripley Co. Indiana
2. Olive, b. 1813 in Ohio, d. after 1880, Married: Josiah Lenn, May 26, 1831, Vanderburgh Co. Indiana
3. Jonathan, b. 1814, Ohio, d. before 1860, Married 1: Polly Phillips, Jan. 23, 1834 in Warrick Co. Indiana. Married 2: Nancy Chriswell, December 9, 1844, Warrick Co. Indiana
4. Delilah, b. November 18, 1817, Ohio, d. after 1880, Married: John Strong, November 7, 1842, Vanderburgh Co. Indiana
5. Peter, b. 1821, Married 1: Sarah Jane Chancellar, April 1, 1847, Married 2: Sarah Caroline Tucker, May 25, 1864, Vanderburgh Co. Indiana
6. Isaac, b. 1827, Ohio, Married: Missouri Ann Sutton, February 10, 1856, Vanderburgh Co. Indiana
7. Elizabeth, b. 1828, Married: Jesse G. Hubbard, April 16, 1860, Vanderburgh Co. Indiana
8. John, b. 1829, Married: Louisa Noble, February 26, 1853, Vanderburgh Co. Indiana
9. William, b. 1830, Ohio, Married: Vienna Sutton, August 30, 1857, Vanderburgh Co. Indiana
10. Lucinda, born 1831, N. Married: Joseph Coker, February 6, 1851, Vanderburgh Co. Indiana
11. Jacob, b. 1833, Ohio, d. November 29, 1899, IN. Married: Minerva Jane Heely, Sept, 20, 1849, Vanderburgh Co. Indiana
12. Matthias, b. 1835, IN. Married: Sarah Bristol
13. Martha J. O. b. 1837, IN. d. December 23, 1886. Married: Michael J. Sutton, January 3, 1861
Indiana Family Divorces:
Vanderburg County, Indiana - Divorce Index - (1818 +)
VanBibber, Isaac -

VanBibber, Eliza
13 Jun 1881
VanBibber, Rachel
VanBibber, Ratliff
25 Oct 1883

Dedicated to  the Memory of Olive Van Bibber Tafel