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Bounds Family Research from Myron Bounds

Bounds Family:
The first documented Bounds in America was Marjory's great grandfather,
John Bounds (who probably left London aboard the good ship HOPEWELL
bound for the Barbadoes in 1634 a age 20) who with his wife Mary Hiam
left Virginia for Maryland c1672. John & Mary were members of the Church of
England and indeed he was a vestryman and was one of those selected to lay
out the boundaries of the Stepney Parish (from whose records much of this
information is extracted)

John & Mary had four children: 
Ann Bounds Windsor b in VA before1670     
William Bounds b in VA before 1672
John Bounds (Jr) b c 1672 MD
James Bounds b 1675 in MD

Marjory's Grandfather was John Bounds Jr who married a Rebecca. He was
born c 1672 in Somerset County MD along the Nanticoke River at his parents
plantation. John was a planter and resided with Rebecca on land across the
Nanticoke River in Dorchester County MD.

John(Jr) and Rebecca had four children born in Dorchester County:
James Bounds b c1696
John Bounds b c1701
George Bounds b c 1708
Sarah Bounds

Marjory's Father was James Bounds b c1696 d c1775.  James married Ann Dicks
(Dykes??) by 1721 and after disposing of the Maryland lands they left the
Eastern shore of Maryland and moved west to the Shendoah Valley of
Virginia. By 1744 he was in Frederick County VA where he was closely
associated with his brother, George Bounds and his wife Mary Claywell.  In
1754 James Bounds was Constable of Bedford County VA., where his daughter
Jane married John Cole. c1761 he was in Anson County North Carolina where
he swapped land with his sons James Jr, Jesse, and John Bownds (I think
this is the earliest one that spelled his/her name as Bownds), his
son-in-law John Cole and Stephen Cole and their uncle, Mark Cole.
James (sr) died by 1775 and was buried on his own plantation in Anson
County NC

James & Ann's  six children:
John Bounds b 1730-1740
James Bounds (jr) b 1720
Jesse Bounds b 1730-1735
Marjory Bounds (Mager ,Major, Marguery) b 1740
Jane Bounds b 10 Oct 1738
Nellie Bounds (Elener Bownds)

Marjory (Mager,Major,Marguery) was born in 1740 in Maryland. She married in
1756 Peter VanBebber Jr son of Peter and Ann VanBebber (this spelling from
my source) of Batimore, Cecil County, Maryland. They lived in the Blackwater-Pigg River area variously under Lunenberg, Halifax, Pittsylvania  and Bedford Counties of Virginia until 1770 when they went across the Blue Ridge to the mouth of the Greenbrier River, then in Botetourt County

Peter and his brothers Isaac VanBebber and John VanBebber and some of their
sons were in the Battle of Pleasant Point, "a battle of the Revolution".

Peter VanBebber, born 1728 died 10 October 1796 and Marjory and Olive, her
youngest daughter, born 1783 lived with her son, Peter VanBebber (III)
until after Olive's marriage to Nathan Boone in 1799. Marjory is said to
have lived with one of her sons in Kentucky about 1817, but she spent her
last years at the home of Olive Boone and Nathan Boone as did Daniel Boone
and his wife. The widowed Hannah Allison Cole took her children, Nellie
(Elener) Bownds' grandchildren, there for shelter during Indian troubles.
Marjory was in good health in 1834 in St Charles County Missouri and is
said to have died at Nathan Boone's in Greene County Missouri in 1844 at
the age of 104.

I suspect that Marjory's actual name was spelled as Majer or perhaps
Major.There were several girl relatives named after her. For example: her
niece, John VanBebber's daughters' name was Majer VanBebber and she married
Andrew Donnelley Jr. Her son Matthias named a daughter Majer and she
married a Noah Davis. Major/Majer is a rare name for women but is also
found in other family groups in early Dorchester and Somerset County

Peter and Marjory had ten children:

Peter VanBebber
b. 5 Aug 1757, Halifax County VA.  
died 8 Oct 1838 in Ripley  County Indiana,
married, Sarah Yoakum, 22 July 1875.

John Jesse VanBebber
b. 8 Aug 1759, Halifax Co Va,
Died 10 Apr 1852, Mason County West Virginia.
Married Rachel Greenlee 09 July 1799 in Mason County W VA.

Sophronia VanBebber (Verona)
b. 1764 Halifax County VA
died 27 Mar 1824 in Gallia County Ohio.
Maried George Dixon 20, October 1872  in Greenbrier County VA., then went to Warren County Ohio.

James VanBebber
b.  8 May 1766 Halifax Co VA.
died Calloway Co Missouri.
Married: Jean Irvine 13 Apr 1796 in Kanawha County VA.

Ellinor VanBebber married Peter VanBebber (her 1st Cousin) on 29 Jun 1781
in Greenbrier County VA . Later went to Caliborune County TN.

Nancy VanBebber

Matthias VanBebber (Tice)
b.  24 Nov 1774 Greenbrier County VA,
Died 09 Mar 1829  in Nicholas County VA.
He married, first, Margaret Robinson Gardner 15 Apr 1797 in Kanawha County VA.
Second, he married Margaret Hutchinson.

Jacob VanBebber
b. 1775 Greenbrier County VA
died 1839 Greenup County KY. Married Sarah Miller in 1795 in Kanawha County

Joseph VanBebber
b. 1776 Greenbrier County VA
Died September 1796, Point Pleasant, Mason County VA
Olive VanBebber
b. 13 Jan 1783 Kanawha County VA.
died 12 Nov 1858 in Ash Grove, Green County, Missouri.
Married 26 Sept  1799 Major Nathan Boone who was born 02 Mar 1781, Fayette
County KY, son of Daniel Boone.  Nathan Boone was commissioned in the war of 1812.
Nathan & Olive had 14 children:
James, Delinda, Jemima, Susan, Nancy, Olive, Benjamin Howard, John Coburn,
Levica, Melcina, Mary, Sarah, Mahala, & Mela.

Peter VanBebber was born ca 1740 in Maryland, son of Peter and Anna VanBebber. The family resided in Pennsylvania before moving to Virginia. In 1756 in Luenburg (Halifax) County Virginia, Peter married Margery Bounds. The Bounds being close neighbors of the VanBebbers. Margery named her son John Jesse after her two brothers. He is later known in life and records as Jesse. The VanBebbers left Halifax County settling in Botetourt (Greenbrier) County, Virginia, about 1771. Peter VanBebber built a blockhouse known as Vanbebber's Fort on Wolf Creek. Several members of the family joined the Army of Colonel Andrew Lewis in 1774 and fought in the Battle of Point Pleasant. Isaac VanBebber was killed in the battle after replacing Colonel Charles Lewis, who had been wounded. Isaac was buried beside Colonel Charles Lewis. The VanBebbers assisted Colonel Andrew Lewis in the building of Fort Blair. In 1776 they helped build Fort Randolph under direction of Captain Matthew Arbuckle.

The families of Peter and John VanBebber, Isaac Robinson and Bridgetts, and George Dixon moved to the border shortly after this date for their names appear on a petition to the Governor of Virginia in 1781 having lived in the area when the garrison was maintained at Fort Randolph. It was during this time of Indian raids that Isaac Robinson, husband of Bridgett VanBebber, and brother-in-law of the VanBebbers, was killed on Crooked Creek (Mason County). The VanBebbers and others had defended the early settlement from Indian attacks. They had an agreement with Andrew Lewis who gave each an acre lot in the Town of Point Pleasant. Peter VanBebber resided on the south side of the Kanawha River. He died in 1796. His sons, Jesse and James, were appointed administrators of his estate in 1797. He left his wife and children, Peter, Jesse, Sophronia, Eleanor, Nancy, James, Matthias, Jacob, Joseph, and Olive. Margery VanBebber lived with her son, Peter, on the French Grant. When he moved to Indiana she went to Missouri where she lived with her daughter, Olive Boone. She died at the age of 104 years and was buried in Nathan Boone Cemetery. Jesse VanBebber was born 1759, in Halifax County, Virginia. He was the only child to remain in Mason County. He fought in the Battle of Point Pleasant with his father, uncles and cousins in the Southern Division under Colonel Andrew Lewis. He served as a Ranger in the defense of Point Pleasant and the Kanawha Valley. When he retired from the Virginia Militia he held the rank of Captain. He married Rachel Greenlee, daughter of Alexander and Anna (Henry) Greenlee, in Gallia Township, Washington County, Ohio, in 1799. Jesse VanBebber built the first cabin on Thirteen Mile Creek, VanBebber district, now Union District. His anecdotes were first published by Henry Howe in 1845 after Howe interviewed him at his home. He died 1852. His widow received a pension for his services. Their children were Isaac and Elizabeth. Elizabeth married Joseph Smith and after his death married Richard Tillis. Submitted by Anna Lutz.

History of Mason County, West Virginia 1987. Pg. 410.

Dedicated to  the Memory of Olive Van Bibber Tafel