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Indenture Agreement~Raymond Van Bibber
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February 23, 1901



1900 Warrick County, IN Census Records: Boon Township Orphan's Home

Name of Institution & #Persons County
Unnamed Orphans Home - 20 Warrick County
All the children listed attend school and can read & write according to this list.

Weldon, Emma
w f 40 single MATRON Dec 1859 IN TN ILL

Kelley, Mary (2 children, 2 living)
w f 51 wd ASSISTANT Aug 1849 MO VA K

Mathews, Janisia
w f 53 single COOK Sep 1846 IN KY IN

Thompson, Maudie
w f 11 at school Nov 1888 IN IN IN

Vanbiber, Raymon (RAYMOND VAN BIBBER)
w m 11 at school Dec 1888 IN IN IN

Slender, Willey
w m 10 at school May 1890 IN IN IN

Polk, Ralph
w m 8 at school Apr 1892 IN IN IN

Wallace, Ray
w m 7 at school Jul 1892 IN IN IN

Jones, Hazel
w f 9 at school May 1892 IN IN IN

Jones, Danlion
w f 5 at school Nov 1894 IN IN IN

Jones, Samuel
w m 4 at school May 1896 IN IN IN

Lacer, Birt
w m 9 at school Sep 1890 IN IN IN

Bullock, Claud
w m 10 at school May 1890 IN IN IN

Allen, Flora
w f 8 at school Nov 1892 IN IN IN

Allen, William
w m 11 at school May 1889 IN IN IN

Cutridge, George
w m 11 at school Apr 1889 IN IN IN

Wright, Minnie
w f 9 at school May 1891 IN IN IN

Godby, Simon
w m 11 at school Jan 1889 IN IN IN

*Healdabager, Jerry
w m 9 at school Sep 1890 IN IN IN

Hanior/ Hasior, Herman/ Harmon w m 4 at school Jun 1895 IN IN IN
Warrick County, Indiana - - 1930 Federal Census

Enumeration District Enumeration County Description

87-2 Boonville City, Ward 1, bounded by (N) Main; (E) 3d; (S) Monroe; (W) City Limits, Pine, Walnut, City Limits.
Institution(s): Warrick Co. Orphans Home

Dedicated to  the Memory of Olive Van Bibber Tafel